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Astro Corner


Are Geminis Angels or Devils? They’re A Bit of Both!

11 Min Read

Have you ever met a Gemini and thought, "I am so confused, are they an angel or a devil?" Geminis are definitely an interesting bunch!

Neptune In Capricorn In The 5th House: The Imaginative Artist

7 Min Read

You thought you had a pretty good handle on your creative talents. You dabbled in a few artistic pursuits growing up, maybe wrote some angsty

Are Pisces Dangerous When Angry? Yes And No! Here’s Why

8 Min Read

You know that old saying about not poking the sleeping bear? Well, you might want to add not provoking the fish to that list. While

Vertex In Scorpio: Meaning In All Houses, Love & Personality

13 Min Read

If your Vertex falls in the sign of Scorpio, you have access to depths of emotion and purpose that others may never experience. The Vertex

Sagittarius In The 8th House And Death: Dying Far Away (Abroad)

7 Min Read

Were you born with Sagittarius in the 8th house? You're probably curious about what exactly that means for you. Well, strap in, because this placement