18 Beauty Affirmations To Tell Your Beautiful Self Every Day

Have you ever wondered what the true definition of beauty is? Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she was right. beauty affirmations

beauty affirmations

Each of us perceives beauty differently. While someone sees beauty in deep green eyes, a passionate red dress and a shining smile, someone else sees the inner beauty and everything that is within you.

If you’re not happy with yourself and don’t feel comfortable in your own skin for whatever reason, try these positive affirmations. Repeat these beauty affirmations every day in the morning or evening in front of the mirror and don’t worry about how many times you spoke a certain affirmation.

Choose the affirmation(s) you like and repeat it as often as you feel that it has become easy for you to tell yourself how beautiful you are.

beauty affirmations
  • I am beautiful, inside and out
  • I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin
  • I grow more beautiful and loving each day
beauty affirmations
  • The color of my skin is beautiful
  • I truly love all of me
  • I see the true beauty in me
beauty affirmations
  • Every time I stand in front of a mirror, I remember to tell myself how beautiful I am
  • I am as beautiful as I am, and I accept myself completely
  • I love my smile and skin, my eyes and hair. I love and accept myself exactly as I am now
beauty affirmations
  • I am a beautiful, confident and successful woman/man
  • When I look at myself, I see beauty and charm
  • I love the way I look and I feel good about myself
beauty affirmations
  • It’s okay to accept compliments
  • I deserve to often hear how beautiful I am
  • I am beautiful as a flower; I grow into beauty every day
beauty affirmations
  • I see myself as a beautiful and lovable person
  • My inner beauty is projected from the inside out
  • Self-confidence and kindness is part of what makes me so beautiful and attractive

Oh, and remember. Beauty is in the eye of beholder.