3 Full Moon Rituals For Money: How To Attract Money During The Full Moon

The moon is a mysterious and awe-inspiring orb that has been the source of inspiration for countless myths and legends. It’s a source of light, beauty, and magic that’s been leading many cultures to worship it as an entity with divine powers. And while we may not all be inclined to believe in werewolf curses or blood-sucking vampires, there’s no denying that there’s something otherworldly about the moon.

To this end, it makes sense that lunar cycles are often linked with events of a supernatural nature – especially concerning money and abundance. After all, who wouldn’t want to harness the power of the full moon for good? So, how can you use it to attract money? And what kind of rituals can you perform at its peak?

Let’s take a look at three full moon rituals for money that work.

full moon rituals for money

First of all, why is the full moon so powerful?

There is no denying that the full moon holds great mystical powers. However, the exact reason for this is not fully understood. One possible explanation for the full moon’s influence on humans is that light is a source of energy – and we rely on this energy to live. The moon is the only natural light source that we have available to us on a 24-hour cycle. It follows, then, that we would be affected by its presence.

Another explanation is that the moon’s pull on humans stems from the electromagnetic field generated by our planet. It’s believed that the moon influences this field, impacting our sleep cycles and other biological functions. It’s possible, then, that the full moon has a particularly strong influence on us.

How to use the full moon to attract money

The best way to use the full moon to attract money is to create a ritual that marks its peak. Most people believe that full moon rituals are best performed at midnight on the night of the full moon. However, this is not always realistic for everyone who practices such rituals. Depending on where you live and other factors, it may not be possible to perform your full moon ritual at exactly midnight on the night of the full moon.

It’s always good to perform a full moon ritual at the exact time of the full moon (if you can)! However, as the old saying goes, ‘close enough is good enough’. While we can’t be exact on the exact time of when the full moon occurs, we can be close enough. Generally, if only a few minutes separate us from the exact time, that should be fine.

3 full moon rituals for money that work

There are plenty of other rituals you can use to attract more wealth and abundance into your life. Rituals like the money spell, the lunar blessing spell, the money enchantment spell, the prosperity candle spell, and others have all been used for centuries to attract wealth and abundance. Below are three money rituals I have personally experienced that work and which you may never have heard of because my grandmother passed them down to me.

#1 A moonlight wallet ritual for money

 full moon rituals for money

This full moon money ritual can help you banish debt, attract wealth, and bring peace of mind into your life. Getting started is easy—all you need to do is find a calm place, relax, and visualize money flying from the moon right into your wallet while holding an open wallet in the moonlight.

As you stand with your wallet open and imagine all those banknotes landing in it, recite the following affirmations:

  • I am so grateful for all the money that is flowing into my life now.
  • I accept (indicate your dream amount of $) into my life.
  • I am financially independent and can afford everything I desire.

This ritual is extremely effective, and I have had positive experiences with it; that’s why I perform it during every full moon. I must not forget to add that if you already have some banknotes in your wallet, leave them there; just pull them out, so they peek out of the wallet. Also, as you imagine the money flying into your wallet, feel as if your wallet is getting heavier and heavier (fuller with banknotes.) Using all your senses will make the attraction all the more effective.

#2 The full moon rice ritual

green candle ritual

If you want to attract more money into your life, try the rice ritual. The ancient Chinese used the rice ritual to summon money into their lives, and this ritual is powerful enough to do the same for you. You’ll need six black pepper balls, rice, two green candles (any shade is fine, but they must be green,) and two jars with lids to perform the ritual.

Begin by putting a handful of rice in each glass. Then add three pepper balls to each glass and seal both glasses with the lids. Leave one glass in the kitchen and the other in the dining room. If these rooms are adjacent, place the glasses across from one another. The spell won’t work unless the glass is visible.

Place one candle on each glass and light it. Keep checking the candles as they burn. As the candles burn, say your favorite money affirmations.

#3 Full moon ritual with a jar and coins

full moon rituals for money

A few days before the full moon (when the moon is still waxing), fill a glass halfway full with water and sprinkle coins in it. Close the jar with a lid and leave the glass outside the window at night so that the moon can shine on it, and during the day, the sun can shine on it.

Hold the jar in both hands on the day of the full moon, and imagine money flowing to you. Concentrate on your desires as you look at the jar, and imagine yourself being carefree and happy. Your financial wishes will be fulfilled soon!

After the ritual, remove the jar from the window. This is because the moon begins to wane – and we do not want our finances to wane. You can repeat this ritual every month.

I recommend checking this full moon calendar if you don’t know when the next full moon will occur.


The full moon is a uniquely magical time of the month. It’s a great opportunity to review your financial goals, perform rituals, and meditate to draw prosperity and abundance into your life. With a little effort, you can tap into the full moon’s power and use it to attract money. These were my 3 favorite full moon rituals for money. Have you tried any of them yet?