5 Study Tips For Becoming An Outstanding Student

Like many students, you might be wondering how you can stand out from your classmates at school or college. In large classes and with constant competition at school nowadays, it can be hard to perform better and stand out for good reasons at school. Today we are going to share our top five study tips to help you in both your academic performance and your overall reputation at school.

Academic Integrity

When it comes to submitting essays and projects or taking tests, having good academic integrity is essential. If you want to be a good student, you’ll need to write about ideas of your own, instead of copying those from textbooks or online. Make sure you check duplicate content in your writing to ensure that you avoid plagiarism in all your work. When using information from the internet, it can be easy to slip up, so it’s always worth double-checking your writing.

When it comes to tests, act with integrity and don’t cheat or copy from your friends under any circumstance. Plan your studies with a good timetable in advance of your test, and you’ll be well-prepared and confident when it comes to the day of the exam.

Getting Good Grades

One of the most obvious ways to stand out from the crowd at school is to consistently achieve good grades across all your subjects. While most students excel at one or two subjects, by achieving some of the top grades across the board, you will become known as a well-rounded student. Good grades naturally require good study habits and plenty of concentration and determination. By spending more time on the subjects you struggle with, you can help to improve your grades in your next exams in those fields.


Getting noticed at school isn’t just about academic performance. Volunteer your time for school projects and activities. Whether that’s mentoring students from a lower grade in a subject you excel at or working with charities on projects and fundraising, you’ll soon be noticed by your peers and teachers alike. If there is a charity that is particularly close to your heart that’s not being supported by your school currently, think about what you could do to fundraise and create awareness for this cause. You’ll be able to work on a project that you are extremely passionate about while educating your classmates and teachers at the same time.

Attendance and Presence

Good attendance is essential for high grades and performance at school. While illness can never be helped, if you don’t need to miss a lesson or day of school, try to avoid it. Teachers soon notice students who miss multiple classes, and you can quickly fall behind on work and become frustrated with trying to catch up. As well as attendance, being present in class and participating and contributing to discussions helps you get noticed and stand out. You’ll also retain far more information in class if you are actively participating instead of sitting through the lesson half asleep.

Participate in Clubs and Societies

Similar to volunteering, another way to contribute to your school is by joining clubs and societies. Whether you enjoy sports, music, academics or art, there should be a club for you and if there’s not, create your own! By creating your own club, you’ll learn leadership skills and encourage other students to make the most of their time at school. This will help you quickly get noticed by other students and teachers, and leave an impact on your school for years to come.

These are just a few ways in which you can turn your reputation around to become an outstanding student at school. Regardless of how you feel you perform currently, there’s always a chance to start each day again. So take the first step today by following at least one of these tips, and you’ll be on your way to getting good grades and impressing your classmates and teachers at school.