5 Things To Realize When You Feel Worthless

Positive thinking has become a big phenomenon in recent years and still few of us understand what it actually is.

Do not confuse articles and videos on the internet with your feelings. Actually, you do not have to turn towards science for the answer. Positive thinking is not a science but the natural thing that we will sooner or later understand through our experiences and circumstances. If we did not experience the cold, we would not understand the significance of the heat, nor would we appreciate and see the positive and bright side of life without negative experience.

Think of it as a puzzle. You learn, grow, and collect experience, and as soon as you build the whole picture, you understand what positive thinking is about. Something like switching from manual clutch to automatic. Many things will become automatic for you.

Things were, are, and will be easier than we ever thought. No one tells you that growth and studying your own being is a walk through the pink orchard. Everyone experiences ups and downs, sorrow, and disappointment, everybody gets through a sharp bush, and everyone gets sharp thorns under their skin that will take us some time to remove them and wait for the wounds to heal.

So what is it all about?

It’s all about realizing your value and what you deserve.

1. Patience is a bitter plant..

..but it has sweet fruit. Growth takes some time. When we plant a cucumber seed, we do not stomp it and loudly criticize it for not being a cucumber. Instead, we gently place it in fertile soil and make sure it gets plenty of water and sunlight. And when a sprout emerges from the soil, we say, “Oh man, it’s growing.”

We continue to nurture the plant all the time and take satisfaction in the process. To be patient is to trust and never give up on the growth process, no matter what, without making angry demands and expectations or worrying that the seed won’t flourish properly.

We are learning, growing, changing. Allow change in your life and trust the process.

2. You deserve better

This point is the continuation of the first one because we can see over time that what happened has had its reason and has moved us forward. Not getting the job you dreamed about does not mean you’re not good enough. What if there’s a better job awaiting you? Better position, better colleagues, better salary?

The fact that you are not in a relationship with someone you dreamed about does not mean that you are not good enough. You are good enough and you deserve better. Relationships are like a mirror; each relationship mirrors something about you. Every relationship – whether serious or platonic – is a particular lesson.

Make sure you are open to new possibilities and, above all, that your heart is open. You deserve better, and the better is perhaps closer than you ever thought.

3. Do something that scares you

We all know the feeling of emptiness or desperacy. Do something that scares you, something you’ve never done before. You may think that your situation can no longer be worse, but this is precisely the situation in which our inner power, our inner knight awakens.  I remember the situation when I was unemployed and the money disappeared from my bank account faster than the air from my mouth. I knew I needed work, and I knew about a company that was looking for employees but I felt I would not get a job because I did not have enough experience and courage to go to the interview and get the job. The people around me demotivated me and suggested to try something different.

However, in this situation, I thought that I would not lose anything and if it had to happen, it would happen. I decided not to call but to go straight to the company and not to ask, but to announce them (yes, literally) that I want to work for them. And what do you think happened? In the next 14 days, I worked for this company. If I did not overcome my fear and was not in financial burden, I would not go there.

Not only work but also relationships where the main theme of that time. I was in love with a girl I only met three times. Sometimes you feel the connection immediately, and well, sometimes not. We were in contact now and then, but no sign of mutual attraction. I was worried every day and every night whether she likes me or not, waiting for her text message, and I still believed something could change. However, as soon as I got into financial difficulties, the strength and bravery that awakened inside of me allowed me to write down my feelings and be ready for her to text me back.

“I can’t wait forever and live in an illusion. I can’t be stuck and waste my time and mental energy. Let’s just text her and see her reaction.”

Let me be honest with you. I was never an extreme extrovert, but sometimes, the difficult situations literally open your eyes and you are able to do something that scared you. You want to move forward as soon as possible.

Her reaction was not positive, and in the first weeks I regretted why I was unable to identify that she was not interested in me because if the feelings are mutual, you want to get to know each other, you want to spend time together, in other words, the communication and the effort look different, no matter where or who you are. It was a difficult decision, and writing a three-sentence text message took me four days, but I did it. A heavy load fell out of my chest, and all the negative feelings were gone because I did something that scared me, and something that strengthened me at the same time.

I was proud of myself and realized that I deserve better. That power is in you! Be aware of the value of your time, the value of your energy, thus your own value.

4. Maintain a diary of what you’ve achieved

When I found out how much time and energy I wasted during that time, I began to focus on myself. “Hell, is not that selfish?” I thought.

It’s not that hard to find good things about the people around us, actually, for many of us, it’s easier than looking for good things in us. Make an exception. Take a notebook or a piece of paper and write down at least ten things every single day you have finished or accomplished during the day. I do not want you to change your everyday life and I don’t want you to invest in unusual things just to have something to write about. The point here is to realize what you have accomplished in a single day because most of us take it for granted; we do not appreciate our actions, thus we do not appreciate ourselves.

Try it like this: “I’ve done all my tasks at work and I have a great feeling about it. I have cleaned the whole room and removed the old and unnecessary stuff. I did a great job. I ate my lunch slowly and thoughtfully, and my body will certainly appreciate it. I did all my best.”

It may sound like simple things, but once you look at the whole list of things you wrote down in a whole week, you can be proud of yourself. You’ve done enough. You’ve done a great job and you’re aware of that. Everything counts!

5. All you want already exists

Have you ever wondered that all you want already exists? Okay, you can not see the stack of banknotes or the car you want in front of you, but once we realize that all we want already exists, we increase our personal vibrations and we are opening up to the invisible.

The new BMW you want is already in the car shop. The person of the specific characteristics is already on this planet. The job you want already exists. The money you want already exists. The country you want to visit already exists. You name it.

Whatever it sounds like, such simple gestures as realizing that everything you want already exists or using “I deserve..” positive affirmations have tremendous power.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, you have a tremendous value and you deserve the best. No one other than you walks in your shoes, no one on this planet has the right to judge you, humiliate you, underestimate you or change you according to their image.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Because you deserve the best!