5 Unusual Phenomena That Can Both Entertain and Teach

Over the past couple of centuries, science has been a useful tool that has propelled the advancement of humanity by satisfying many basic human needs and improving the standards of living. However, there are some occurrences that even science can’t explain. Such incidents have left both scientists and people alike asking themselves, ’What causes such phenomena?’ This article addresses some of the coolest natural phenomena that can entertain as well as teach.

1. Déjà vu

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve had a previous experience twice? Most people have had this unexplainable phenomenon at least once in their lives. Déjà vu was long thought to be false memories created by the brain, but recent research has dispelled these theories. However, scientists have been unable to study déjà vu effectively because of its unpredictable nature. 

In fact, many scientists and students have tried to study this phenomenon with small sample sizes and previous research papers but all in vain. According to entertainment essay examples, this odd sensation happens to most people regardless of the age group. For many of them, déjà vu is just a kind of entertainment but not the reason for observation, analysis and thinking. They prefer to laugh at this phenomenon but not investigate it. Anyway, should you need help with your essay about entertainment, there are more examples surrounding such bizarre but fascinating occurrences.

Could we actually be living multiple lives, or is the brain just playing tricks on us? Whatever the case is, déjà vu reminds us to live life to the fullest.

2. The Body-Mind Connection

The human mind and body have a special connection that is yet to be explained. Gym and fitness enthusiasts always recommend workouts that connect the mind and the muscle for the best results. Doctors sometimes administer placebo drugs to patients. Placebos can be anything from sweets to starch but resemble modern-day drugs. Placebos work because the patient usually thinks that they take medications to relieve pain and diseases. 

Not only that, but spiritual healers for centuries have also always advocated for healing or physical manifestation to start with the mind for the best results. So, what is the mysterious link between the mind and body? Scientists are yet to uncover this odd relationship. Nonetheless, this mysterious phenomenon teaches us always to use the strange yet divine capabilities of our minds. Ever had the phrase, ‘The brain is the strongest muscle’?

3. The Bermuda Triangle

Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the Bermuda triangle is a mythical section in the Atlantic Ocean. What makes this place mysterious are the stories and weird disappearances surrounding the ‘Devil’s triangle’. From commercial airplanes to world war Navy ships, scientists and intelligence departments have failed to explain the disappearance of such objects in the Bermuda triangle. 

Dating back to the first voyages of Christopher Columbus, the stories behind the Bermuda triangle have been around for centuries now. Christopher Columbus detailed the weird events surrounding his voyage through this part of the ocean. In his journals, he described a cosmic occurrence that led to strange lights while at sea. Additionally, his compass was unable to point out the true north and had erratic readings. For centuries, no one has been able to come up with a valid explanation for all these mysterious occurrences.  

4. Ghosts

Ghosts have to be the most famous figures of mysteriousness across the world. Millions have claimed to have seen aberrations of dead people walking around in houses or the streets. Scientists have failed to prove their existence claiming that ghosts are not real. But some people narrate vivid tales describing their encounters with ghosts. Not only that, but there are also movies and documentaries based on exorcism and ghost tales. 

Whether they are true or not, one thing we can learn from such phenomena is that you shouldn’t go around messing with ancient spells and haunted houses all in the name of fun. As we have all seen in the movies, it never ends well.

5. Death Valley’s Moving Rocks

California is known for its pleasant weather and diverse culture. However, one area, in particular, has gained an enormous amount of traction because of its mysteriousness. Death Valley is a desert in California better known for its moving rocks. Also known as the sailing stones, rocks in Death Valley mysteriously move from one place to another, all on their own. 

Scientists have tried to explain what causes such phenomena, but haven’t managed to come up with anything concrete. Some of these rocks are over 400 pounds and suggesting that erosion and wind can move them is certainly not accurate. Whatever the case is, Death Valley’s sailing rocks remind us to keep going regardless of the difficulty and challenges you face in life. In particular, if you have trouble with your assignment papers, don’t be upset and go ahead. Especially since there are numerous professional websites that can provide you with an excellent essay on unusual phenomena or entertainment samples.