The 6 Best Calming Candles For Anxiety Relief

People in ancient times already knew the power of candles. They first prepared them from the tallow or whale fat. Over time, they started to make candles from beeswax, thanks to which the candle burned longer and more intensely. Beeswax has a delicate specific scent, which is easy to combine with various fruity, woody, or herbal scents.

Candles are one of the most famous home decorations, but other than that, they can heal and cure both physical and mental difficulties. In the following lines, we will look at the most suitable candles for anxiety relief.


Humans have used this beautiful purple flower for hundreds of years. Whether fresh or dried, lavender has helped people fight stress, anxiety, or poor sleep. Lavender brings relief from anxiety and evokes a feeling of composure, peace, and tranquillity. Also, lavender relaxes both our mind and body.

Lavender candles have a natural beautiful purple color, so they will also serve as a nice decoration. However, not every room is suitable for placing this candle! For example, the kitchen is not the right place because lavender’s strong aroma can reduce your appetite. Also, your office is not the best place to have a lavender candle because this candle should be placed there where you want to rest and find peace.


Citrus candles (orange, lime, lemon, tangerine) bring energy and high vibrations. Their scent is soothing and pleasant, but also vibrant. Citrus candles are therefore suitable for people who need inspiration, streamlining their thoughts, or relieving anxiety.

Do not confuse citrus candles with citronella candles! Although citronella candles also smell great, they won’t bring you many benefits because their purpose is to repel insects, such as mosquitoes.


Cinnamon is a very popular spice, antioxidant, and natural remedy. In ancient cultures, it was believed that one teaspoon of cinnamon (or cinnamon with honey) could strengthen our immune system and protect it from colds or other diseases.

The cinnamon scent is reminiscent of the Christmas season. However, it is advisable to burn this candle all year round. The cinnamon aroma evokes a feeling of well-being and security, improves memory, concentration, and rational thinking. It is recommended to burn this candle together with a citrus candle. Not only will this increase the intensity of the healing energy, but they are two scents that go well together. The cinnamon candle is therefore one of the most popular candles for anxiety relief.


Thyme is an evergreen plant known for its strong aroma, which is mostly used in the kitchen. When it comes to health benefits, there are more than enough! Thyme is diuretic, so it helps with urinary tract infections or water retention in the body. It also restores the intestinal microflora, helps with diarrhea, and bloating.

Did you know that this great-smelling herb also has very relaxing effects? People who have trouble with sleep use pads or small pillows with dried thyme, and those who have stress rub the dried thyme in the palm of their hand.

The simplest and the best way to use thyme for stress and anxiety relief is a thyme candle. There are a number of candles that combine two or more herbs, such as thyme and olives, or thyme and basil, but if you want this candle to help you relieve anxiety, choose only thyme candle.

candles for anxiety relief


Cotton scented candles are relatively well known and popular nowadays. This scent is reminiscent of clean laundry and may remind some of us of childhood. A candle with the scent of cotton evokes mental well-being and peace of mind. It also helps us with anxiety or fear.

A cotton candle should be in your home, not in an office or other private workplace. This is because a cotton candle tends to absorb your negative or heavy energies, such as stress or anxiety, and if you place it in a place where a lot of people meet, its effect will not be as intense.

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Cedar is a huge tree, which is unusual at first glance. It lives more than 500 years and some cultures consider it sacred. If you’ve ever heard of cedarwood, then it’s most likely related to perfumes as it is a very popular perfume ingredient.

Cedarwood tends to soothe us, increase concentration, and help with fear and anxiety. A candle with this scent is therefore very suitable if you want to get rid of unpleasant anxious states.

An interesting fact at the end

Did you know that candles have a big impact on your taste buds and can both arouse or suppress your appetite? Not only choosing a specific candle but also where you place it is therefore very important. If it is specifically about the kitchen, choose unscented candles.