6 Incredible Benefits Of Drinking Natural Herbal Teas

There are so many different types and flavors of herbal tea it’s no wonder the drink is still so popular today. From black to green, Oolong to white, red to fruit infusions – there really is a flavor for everyone out there! Herbal teas have been used since ancient times as a way of curing illnesses and preventing disease. While modern medicine has previously all but discredited the use of herbal tea, further research is showing that it might be time to take another look at the drink. Although there isn’t evidence to support using herbal tea to cure specific diseases, recent studies have shown some incredible benefits of drinking natural herbal teas, and here are 6 of the most notable ones.

1. Reducing Cramps

Stomach cramps can be some of the most painful and frustrating feelings we experience. Often caused by a deficiency of certain minerals in our bodies, drinking herbal teas that are high in magnesium can help reduce the pain and severity of cramps. Depending on what the cause is, there are different kinds of tea that would be the optimal drink of choice – the best tea for menstrual cramps is raspberry leaf tea, while ginger tea is good for indigestion cramps and Oolong tea is helpful for reducing stomach ulcers. It’s important to note that natural teas are the ones that have no added sugar or flavors. The flavors and sugar found in many teas could actually make the cramps worse.

2. Calming Effects

One of the benefits that many people love about herbal teas is their calming effects. Drinking a cup in the evening can help clear your mind and relax you after a long day, and the subtle changes in tea flavors can also help with this effect. If you’re looking for a tea that will help with anxiety and stress, try jasmine tea or chamomile tea. If you want to help improve your sleep, having a cup of lavender tea before bedtime will do the trick. Not only do these teas have calming effects in their own right, but you might find that developing a routine of drinking herbal tea before bed will help lull you into a restful sleep.

3. Relieve Nausea

Whether it’s from a hangover or morning sickness, nausea can be just as bad as having a stomach ache. For situations like these, ginger tea is the best option for relief. Ginger tea has been a staple in Southeast Asian culture to help with many issues such as inflammation and pain reduction. The strong spicy taste of the drink will also help improve your appetite, making it easy for you to get your stomach back on track. If, however, you find ginger to be too spicy or potent, another good alternative would be fennel tea. It has a similar taste to ginger, but it isn’t spicy and will have the same effects on your nausea.

4. Boosts Immunity

Did you know that some teas can also help fight off disease? There are certain types of tea that have antibacterial properties, making them ideal for boosting immunity. One example is red tea or rooibos tea, which is made from the extracts of a plant native to Africa. This type of tea has been found to inhibit bacteria growth and can even help reduce the chances of developing certain diseases like cancer. Meanwhile, black tea has been found to contain many different types of antioxidants that fight free radicals and oxidative stress. This is why it’s so important to drink organic herbal teas – they’ve been through less processing than regular tea bags you buy at the store and this means more nutrients.

5. Brain Health

If you’re looking for a drink that will help you think more clearly, try white tea. White tea is made from the buds of the plant and studies have shown that it can improve brain function. It also helps decrease your chances of contracting neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease because it contains antioxidants that can fight against free radicals. Improving concentration is another benefit of white tea because it contains theanine, an amino acid that can increase your focus. While white tea has the least amount of caffeine compared to green and black tea, it’s still important to take it in moderation and avoid drinking it later during the day, especially if you’re having trouble sleeping.

6. Skincare

If you want to look younger and have more beautiful skin, herbal teas may be able to help. There are certain types of tea that have been found to naturally exfoliate your skin because they contain polyphenols. These polyphenols can fight against free radicals that cause signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Specifically, green tea is the best choice for this, as it contains a high amount of antioxidants and can effectively treat your skin problems. Eye-catching results can also be achieved if you add milk to your tea. Studies have shown that the lactic acid in milk can help reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage while the amino acids will increase skin elasticity.

Trying out different types of herbal teas and experimenting with recipes is a great way to get started on a healthy habit that also happens to be delicious. There are many other benefits to consuming herbal tea such as gaining a faster metabolism, weight loss, detoxification, and more. So don’t be afraid to pack up those tea bags and try something new – there’s a whole world of flavors out there just waiting for you!