6 Signs You Might Be A Lightworker

Do you often feel the need to help others or save the planet? Do you ask yourself who you really are and what is your purpose in life? It is more than likely that you are a lightworker!

A lightworker is a soul who has agreed to come to this planet to fulfill its mission. The name “lightworker” was given to them for a good reason because they actually work with light. Lightworkers agreed to carry the bright light in their soul to enlighten and elevate this world and help others show their essence and the fact that we are part of one soul.

A lightworker is a natural healer, but the choice of healing is entirely up to them. Some will take on the role of the spiritual master or psychic and help a large number of people, while others do their work modestly. 

How to tell if you or someone around you is a lightworker? Check the signs below.

Challenges in early childhood

Lots of lightworkers had a challenging childhood. They may have grown up in an abusive family, they may have had more enemies than friends at school, or they may have encountered some challenging event, such as an accident or illness that has severely affected them.

People who encounter so much darkness and negativity at an early age know better how to cope with so much negativity and have the ability to get out of the darkness. They have the ability to turn darkness into light, and thanks to their experience, they know how to help people find the light even in the darkest situation.

Being an inspiration to the people around you

Whether it’s your creative ideas or lifestyle, people naturally turn to you, asking for advice or tips. When you are a lightworker, people sense your energy and know you’re the right person to go for help or guidance. Not only can you transform negative, dark energy into light, but the light shines from you, and some people around you simply feel it and are attracted to it like a magnet.

The desire and willingness to help and heal

A lightworker sees help as a natural trait, and whenever they know or feel that someone needs help, they do so without expecting anything in return. This person feels a great need to help the world and make it a better place to live in.

Cleaning up nature or volunteering in an animal shelter is not unfamiliar to them. Whenever they have the opportunity to put their hands to work and help in any area of someone else’s life, they will help.

Lightworkers have the ability to heal others, primarily through their bright energy, and people usually feel comfortable around them, often experiencing the rush of happiness, peacefulness, or an increase in energy.

Being aware of the power of thought

Another very common sign of knowing that you are a lightworker is realizing that your words and thoughts have the power to shape your life. Lightworkers know that if they see it in their minds, they will hold it in their hands. They are fully aware of the power of positive thought and intention, and they use this power to manifest and materialize their deepest desires and dreams.

Lightworkers motivate others and show them that what they desire is almost within reach, and the only thing that prevents them from achieving their dream is dark or negative thoughts.

You are very empathetic

Being too energy sensitive and empathetic is another sign of knowing that you or someone around you is a lightworker. You can sense people’s energy even without being in direct contact with them, or with your eyes closed, and can identify what kind of help they need.

It is very common for a lightworker to feel tired or even exhausted in places such as a shopping mall or in a room where people in a negative mood are sitting. This is because you perceive and feel all the vibrations and energy around you. If you often yawn for no apparent reason in spaces where there are many people, you probably perceive all the negative energy around you and absorb it like a sponge.

Feeling different or as if you didn’t belong here

If you feel like you are from “another planet” and do not belong here, you probably belong to a group of souls that illuminate our world with light. It’s completely normal, and you don’t have to be ashamed of your feelings at all. On the contrary, feeling different and knowing that you have abilities and a purpose on this planet that not everyone has is something you should be proud of. A lot of people may also tell you that you are different (in a good way) and that they have never met someone like you, and all this is a clear sign that you are a lightworker.

In addition, you can have psychic abilities, such as having visions or knowing something before it happens, seeing auras around other people, you can read tarot cards or work with a pendulum.

Final word

Are the signs above familiar to you? Then you may be a lightworker! If you think you are a lightworker or you know someone who possesses some of these traits, respect them and help them honor their gifts, because, without them, this planet would be a much darker place.