7 Glaring Signs Your Cat Loves You More Than You Thought

The fact that cats are one of the most popular pets certainly has a reason. They are delightful and adorable from the first day of their life, they do not require much care and they are relatively undemanding creatures. Cats also have a very variable or mysterious nature, which many of us find attractive, and healing powers; the ability to absorb negative energy and neutralize it.

signs your cat loves you

If you love cats just like me and want to make sure that the peculiarities your cats do simply mean nothing but their love, you’re reading the right article. I am sharing a household with eight European cats and during the last seven years with my furry friends, I noticed some signs and ways of expressing their love and affection.

#1 Gifts From Your Cat

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Your cat will probably not bring you the new shoes or phone you want, but something that comes from their pure heart and proves how great a hunter your cat is. By bringing a dead mouse, bird or fish to your home, the cat shows you how much she loves you. Mostly, your cat won’t even eat the dead animal; she just brings it to your home and rejoices that she has brought you a present.

Even though the sight of a dead mouse, bird, or fish does not make you so happy, you should appreciate this gift because your cat is telling you how much she loves you.

#2 They Show You Their Belly

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Like a dog and other similar animals, a cat is vulnerable and in a defensive position when lying on its back and showing you the belly. She thus shows you that she fully trusts you and loves you.

If you think a cat wants you to caress her belly, you can do so, but don’t caress her for too long. She may not like it, change her behavior or become nervous.

#3 Tail as an Indicator

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In addition to better balance or communicating with other cats, the cat’s tail also tells enough about how the cat feels about us. If a cat walks around you with a tail upright like an exclamation mark or moves it slightly upright, it means your cat is happy to see you and love you.

Conversely, if the tail is pointing down and aggressively tossing from side to side, it means nervousness or annoyance. The cat tells through this tail movement “Leave me alone, I am upset!”

#4 Rubbing Against Your Leg

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When I had my first cat, I gave her food before I gave myself food. When the cat finished eating and I was choosing what to eat for dinner, she came to me and started rubbing against my legs. I was angry because I thought the cat wanted to eat again. I gave her more food, but she didn’t eat. But she was still rubbing against my legs.

Over time, I found out that the cat does not want to tell me that she is hungry, but that she was happy for the food I gave her and that she loves me. In this way, the cat also leaves her smell on you, saying “I am yours and you are mine”.

#5 They Sleep By Your Side

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It is known that cats love warmth and comfort and warming in the sun is one of their favorite activities. When a cat sleeps by your side, it is not just because she is looking for a warm and soft bed. She feels safe with you and wants to sleep with you in a bed because she loves you and wants to be in your presence.

#6 They Sleep On Your Personal Belongings

Over the past years I have noticed that when I’m not home, my cat sleeps on my personal belongings. Either it’s a laptop or clothes. If I forget to close the closet, the cat often pulls out my underwear or t-shirts and sleeps on it.

The cat often does not want to reveal her secret and disappears from the “crime scene” before you come home. However, you may notice the outstretched clothes or hair or pawprints on the laptop so you know where the cat slept.

#7 Kneading You

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Have you ever wondered why a cat kneads on you with their paws and stick out their claws? The kittens tapped kneaded their cat mom to squeeze milk from her teat. It is also believed that the kittens have patted down in their bed so that it is soft and comfortable to sleep.

The cat that kneads you thus shows your the greatest sense of pure love and even though it can sometimes be painful (especially if they have sharp claws), do not forget to give them a good cat treat from time to time because they will certainly appreciate it 🙂