Itchy Palms: Money Superstition That Really Works!

Have you ever heard that the itching of your left or right hand has some meaning or carries a hidden message? My grandmother used to be very superstitious and talked about the itching of both hands on a daily basis, however, it always worked for her. The itching of your palms is associated with receiving or spending money.

itchy palms money

Itching of the left palm

“My left palm began to itch, the postman will bring a cheque in two-three days,” said my grandmother. It was not always the days when she was expecting a retirement, but every time her left palm began to itch, she received some money. The palm of your left hand is associated with the receipt of money. And not only that. If you feel the itching in the center of your left palm, the greater the amount of money you get. If you feel the itching around your fingers, the amount will not be that large.

If you want to get rid of the itching of your left palm and scratch it, you won’t get any money as you block the magic of receiving unexpected money.

itchy left palm

Itching of the right palm

The itching of the palm of your right hand has the exact opposite meaning. You either have to pay for something or you will lose money; overspending, unexpected expenses.

We can only discuss whether it is a superstition or something inexplicable between heaven and earth. However, a lot of older people I have talked to have very identical experiences and believe that itchy palms symbolize either receiving or spending money. Either way, if your left palm is itchy, wait until it naturally stops itching. You might be surprised by unexpected money whether you believe it or not 🙂