Aura-Soma: What is it And How Does it Work?

Aura-Soma belongs to modern holistic therapies. It is a unique method that is a synthesis of crystals, minerals, the energy of plants and color therapy.

The beginnings of Aura-Soma

The founder and creator of this system was British pharmacist Vicky Wall. She combined many years of practice in a pharmacy and created a medicine that now helps around the world. In 1984, she began offering her first set of Equilibrium bottles as body cosmetics, and today Aura-Soma is used all over the world, from America to Australia.

Vicky was blessed with superhuman vision and had the ability to see auras around humans. One of the interesting things is that Vicky Wall was blind when she developed the Aura-Soma color system.

Aura-Soma in more detail

On the physical level, only energy imbalances that are not processed at finer levels will be manifested. These imbalances have their causes, and it is them that Aura-Soma addresses. Aura-Soma is called soul healing. It means that it helps us to harmonize the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels of our being and to find contact with our inner guidance.

For example, a variety of imbalances can be manifested by getting easily upset or angry. Or, on the contrary, it’s difficult for us to ask for help or advice, we have a lot of inhibitions, and we consider all the people around us to be far superior or more attractive than ourselves. All of these are, of course, common human manifestations, but they point to our not quite balanced state. That’s why we’re talking about non-harmonies.

If we experience these imbalances in energy, we may start to feel that we want to do something with ourselves, we start to look at the door that says “work on ourselves,” behind which we have a number of methods and therapies.

These can help us in the adventure of self-knowledge and self-improvement. And on the way to a more conscious, authentic life, Aura-Soma is a great and powerful helper.

The Aura-Soma system consists of five pillars: Equilibrium, Pomanders, Colour Essences, Quintessences, and Archangeloi.

Equilibrium (meaning “balance) is a set of two-color vials that consists of two parts (oil and water), in a ratio of 1: 1. They contain extracts of plants, crystals, minerals, and colors. The emulsion produced by shaking both parts is applied directly to the body.

Pomanders are colored and fragrant energy substances. They contain 49 herbs in different proportions, depending on the area of ​​activity. Their primary function is to strengthen and harmonize the aura, thus improving our energy protection. They are applied to the aura and their effect is immediate. Nowadays, when we are quite sensitive to various negative or unpleasant energies, Pomanders provide excellent protection and help.

Quintessences are subtle energetic substances, which serve to establish contact with the so-called master energies. Every color beam transmits information, principles, and qualities by its frequency. It is good to use quintessence before meditating on aspects that we wish to develop within ourselves. In fact, making contact with these energies means discovering certain qualities within oneself.

Color Essences, or Tinctures, are often called “living light” and, in some sense, are the mysterious element of Aura-Soma. Clear, colorless liquids reveal their “true colors” only when they are photographed by Kirlian’s technique. While Color Essences work from the inside, Aura-Soma also produces matching color vibrations for skincare.

ArchAngeloi is an archangelic essence that emerged at a time when it was necessary to help free ourselves from conditional behavior patterns and to revive the hidden resources that are now important for the development of the Higher Plan on Earth.

They have the appropriate intensity and vibration for a personal auric field. By dispersing the liquid essence into your auric field, you invite the Archangel energy into your aura. There are nine ArchAngeloi essences named after archangels.

Aura-Soma, as a treatment method, has its specifics. To understand it, it is essential to look at the connection between the notions of power, responsibility, and conscious action. Healing as a process can refer to either acute help in physical or psychological distress or eliminate the cause – that is, to work at the emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

How does Aura-Soma work?

Every person carries a lot of experiences, emotions, patterns, habits, and ways of reacting. Usually, we tend to repeat them regularly and strengthen them. A lot of addictive reactions are happening unconsciously, which is, of course, a problem, because if we are experiencing the imbalances of energy, we have no control and power.

First of all, try to realize what works subconsciously in you, and then consciously try to change this pattern or way of reacting. In this way, we accept the responsibility for what we do and live. The responsibility aspect is crucial in Aura-Soma. The bottles themselves are also chosen by the man himself. It is good to select color combinations intuitively and then go through the whole treatment process independently – or with the support of another person. In this way, we transform ourselves and consciously into a freer man.

It is said that God gave man the possibility of thought and choice. But to what extent do we really choose how creative we are in our day-to-day lives? The use of vials will begin to make us aware of the process. Things that have previously led us out of balance and with which we did not know, suddenly experience consciously, we are able to observe and thus somehow solve. In addition, the bottles will give us the energy to do what we want and what else could not be done for some reason (fear, anxiety, low self-confidence, uncertainty).

Aura-Soma is soul therapy

Aura-Soma helps one to become a harmonious being again, to be himself. Consciously and fearlessly decide on your life and destiny. Aura-Soma is the therapy and healing of the soul. The aim of the soul is the direction of love, the love of oneself and others. And on this journey, Aura-Soma can help us.

Have you ever tried Aura-Soma? If so, what was your experience?