Birthday number 1: Meaning and life mission in numerology

birthday number 1 numerology

The number of independence.

Birthday number 1 represents a strong individuality that needs freedom and independence.

You are proactive, confident, dynamic, energetic, ambitious and have a strong desire to assert yourself in all aspects of life.

Direction of life often leads a person born on the first day of the month in the direction where they are forced to rely on themselves and thereby achieve understanding and enjoyment.

They are extremely creative and inventive. It seems like they have an unlimited source of inspiration and new ideas.

The negative aspect of this number is selfish and egocentric nature. These people are inward-looking, they speak only about themselves and their problems. They can be very jealous, haughty and imperious.


The positive aspect of this number is the ability of empathy, determination and self-discipline. People born on the first day of the month are able to inspire and motivate others.

They have a sense of communication – both spoken and written form.

Famous people born on the first day of the month

Frederick Douglas, Heidi Klum, Bill Kaulitz, Woody Allen, Marilyn Monroe or Pamela Anderson.