Birthday Number 15 in Numerology: Meaning and Life Mission

Active and purposeful number one with an adventurous and unbridled number five create an extremely goal-oriented person with a desire to help others.

birthday number 15

Courage. Sense of beauty. Desire to help others.

Individuals born on the fifteenth day of the month are courageous, independent and proud, they may love adventures, travel, art, and even though they are sensitive, cautious and tightly guard their privacy, they are very popular among their friends.

Your behavior is usually flawless, and your relationships with others are usually cultivated. When you’re about something irreversibly convinced, you don’t hesitate to say what you think or what you have in mind at the moment. Beware of reckless behavior and communication. In your case, it is better to say one sensible word than a hundred words that can hurt others.

In the course of your life, you will meet many interesting people from different spheres, and you will have many friends, but you will experience the solitude and loneliness, too. The key word of your life is balance. Balance in relationships, balance in your thoughts and balance in your life in general.

You love freedom, directness and honesty. You’re a little unstable, distracted, you’re not able to stay for a longer period of time focused on one subject of interest, but on the other hand, you know something from everything.

You have a strong affection for the beauty of all kinds and in all areas of life. Vibration of the number 15 is marked by a desire for luxury. You’ve a sense of beauty and design, and hate flashiness and falseness.

Work and business

Under the influence of this number, you have an intuitive business sense. You can be a great leader, but also a great colleague. You can achieve great ups, but also downs. Either way, working alone without supervision is right for you. You have great potential for freelance work, too.

Love life

Others appreciate your fair play game, honesty and kindness, and finds you as intelligent and extremelly goal-oriented person. You do not like inconsistency, quarrels, inconvenience or jealousy, even though you yourself are capable of violently jealous (which could lead to the breakup, if we’re talking about relationships).

You’re romantically based and have a strong tendency to sentimentality, no matter how hard you try to hide it. Individuals born on the fifteenth day of the month love compliments, flirting, tenderness, and their partner should have very similar qualities like they themselves have, ie. freedom, adventurous nature, positive attitude and courage.

To summarize all, individuals born on the fifteenth day of the month need to discover their hidden skills, abilities, and balance in life in order to help others, as their life mission is, as already said, to help and inspire others.

TIP: In order to be able to help others, always start with yourself; love and accept yourself exactly the way you are. You’re amazing, courageous and strong human being, so help people around you show what’s in them.

Famous people born on the 15th day of the month
Emma Watson, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Ben Affleck, Samantha Fox, Eva Longoria, Ice Cube or Rembrant.