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Today I’m Living Tomorrow’s Memories

We need to cherish the moments we have in life because they won’t last forever.

By Denisa 2 Min Read

Sending Love Energy To Someone Far Away

Did you meet someone from another city or even from another country? Do you feel

By Denisa 4 Min Read

You Always Have a Choice

You are always at choice. You always do what you want to do. This is

By Denisa 0 Min Read

You Are Loved!

Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will be kind and honest to you. Not

By Denisa 0 Min Read

I look within to find my treasures

All the power, all the magic, all the light..all I need is within me. I

By Denisa 0 Min Read

March 24 Birthday Numerology

Strong intuition, good judgment, and superior mental talent are often attributed to those born on

By Denisa 2 Min Read