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You have the power to maintain a positive attitude

Sometimes it is difficult to ignore the negative voices in our head, or what others

By Denisa 1 Min Read

15 Responsibility Affirmations For Life & Action Responsibility

It is up to you to change your life. It is up to you to

By Denisa 2 Min Read

How To Attract a Cancer Woman

Since the Moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer woman, her mood is variable

By Denisa 4 Min Read

4 lekcje wyciągnięte z filmu Sekret

Jeśli widziałeś film Sekret, to prawdopodobnie wiesz, czym jest Prawo Przyciągania. I jest jeszcze bardziej

By Denisa 4 Min Read

Writing College Papers: Best Affirmations to Meet a Deadline

Deadlines sometimes push us to our limits. Just like how Harvey Mackay has put it,

By Denisa 6 Min Read