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Dream About Moon Falling To Earth – Its Surprising Meaning & Symbolism

Dreaming about the moon falling to the earth sounds more like a scene from a…

By Denisa K. 4 Min Read

Dream About Eating Poop: Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Dreaming about eating poop is..let's put it this way - really weird. It's definitely one…

By Valentina J. 6 Min Read

Dream About Finding A Pearl In An Oyster – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

If you are lucky enough to find a pearl in an oyster in your dream,…

By Denisa K. 4 Min Read

The 6 Best Crystals for Capricorn: Enhance Your Life With The Power of Minerals

Crystals are not just decorations or stones; they are living things that hold an essential…

By Denisa K. 6 Min Read

Dream About Buying Groceries For Yourself or Someone Else (Meaning)

Buying groceries is a fairly common dream symbol with more spiritual meaning than you might…

By Denisa K. 4 Min Read

Spiritual Meaning of Not Dreaming (No, It’s Not A Bad Thing)

Every morning, you wake up and can't remember if you dreamed at all the night…

By Denisa K. 8 Min Read