Church Event Ideas Your Congregation Would Love to Attend This Year

Regurgitating the same outdated sermons every week is a sure-fire way to lose members. Here are some exciting church event ideas your congregation would love.

Finding ways to keep your congregation engaged and grow your community is one of your core duties as a church leader. But with so many distractions out there, it can be hard to keep up.

While your annual church event has its place, it may be time to shake things up to reinvigorate your church. Here are four great ideas for church events that reimagine what fellowship can look like.

1. Plan Local Mission Trips

International mission trips tend to isolate members of your congregation who can’t attend them. But you don’t need to get on a plane to serve your community.

You can plan local mission trips annually or even monthly to give everyone a chance to participate. Not only does it give your members an opportunity to share the gospel with their actions, but these are also great outreach ideas!

A few local mission trip ideas include:

  • Donating labor (cleaning homes, yard work, gardening)
  • Running skills training events
  • Creating supply drives

These are all ways to show your church that service begins at home and helps them live the principles they learn about on Sundays.

2. Sports Sundays

Sports seasons take away from church attendance. But the church can be anywhere its people are. So why not host a fellowship meeting on Sunday afternoons during a game?

You can host these at the church or in members’ houses. It’s an excellent chance to get together and enjoy fellowship over food and shared interests. Half time is also a great chance to start meaningful conversations about faith and life.

3. Build Community Garden (+ Picnic)

Giving people a chance to serve is a great way to encourage your congregation to practice what they preach. It’s also a great reputation builder for your church.

Community gardens are a great option because they include people with all types of skills and interests. They’re also a great jumping-off point for lessons and sermons.

Be sure to include a picnic or event with your gardening day! It gives everyone a chance to come together and helps attract new faces to the event.

4. Neighborhood Cookouts

Jesus fed the hungry, and so should you.

Reimagine your church picnic as a community or neighborhood cookout. Don’t limit the guest list to your congregation. Invite everyone, including those from other churches and those who don’t belong to a church. In fact, why not partner with other churches to serve together? Tools like can help you make sure no one is left off the list.

Why Not Add a New Church Event to Your Calendar?

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your congregation, why not add a new church event to your calendar? The events listed above are a play on the typical church events you might already use. But they go even further into making the church a part of your congregants’ life by placing fellowship, service, and community at the center of their social lives.

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