Coated Silver is a New Generation of Colloidal Silver

Coated Silver is one of a kind technology, and can be used as a great antibacterial and antiviral. It is a commercial product that includes pure silver in the tiniest form. It is a colloidal silver application with a 20.000 ppm concentration, with a particle of about 10 nanometers. Coated Silver is indeed unique due to its properties, excellent silver particle concentration, stability, uniformity, and coating safety. However, keep in mind that it is not in itself a cure for any illness. It is just a supporting supplement, which proves useful when combined with the appropriate treatment for each specific situation. It works for maintaining good health, especially in the ear and overall respiratory systems.

Top-Level Quality and Safety

The product is created in a top-level nano-technology lab, in the USA. The manufacturing company is Noble Elements LLC, whereas the full name of the product is Coated Colloidal Silver. The technology used for this product is the safest that can be for the human body. The other inferior quality ionic silver products can prove toxic for the body, through an accumulation of large particles. The good news is that Coated Silver product brings the newest technology in this area. Due to the silver flakes’ tiniest size, this product becomes highly ingestible and efficient, lacking side effects.

Thus, we warn you against the other forms of colloidal silver supplements, which are of inferior quality, and may lead to toxicity, in time.

We have developed our product after several studies performed by our scientists, and these new technological studies have already been published several times and acknowledged properly within the scientific world, along with the DoD study, published by the Local Government.

Keep in mind that Noble Elements LLC is the only producer of supplements with the coated colloidal silver technology, is currently on the market, and has the only approved patent for this technology.

Efficient Use of Coated Silver Technology

Our product is in a concentrated form. The ideal way of use is to dilute it in water and drink it. The same efficiency is achieved by simply putting drops of coated silver in your mouth, as it is automatically diluted by your saliva and your body fluids. Thus, using the coated silver is quite easy and flexible, with no strict rules to obey. One single drop of our coated silver is highly intense and sufficient for one dose. The difference between our product and others with colloidal silver product is of one drop of coated silver equals 4 oz/120 ml of theirs.

How Coated Silver Works

Immediately after ingestion, the coated colloidal silver starts releasing regularly and gradually the silver ions. It is not absorbed nor dissolved by the human system, thus the silver maintains its intrinsic properties and structure. Through this gradual release of silver ions, it protects the inner system, preventing any toxicity or accumulation of metals. At the same time, by preventing its inner properties, it targets the problematic bacteria and viruses inside your system.

The silver nanoparticles attack immediately the bacterial cell membrane. This action induces an oxidative process inside bacteria. Then an entire series of reactions with amino acids takes place which damages even further the harmful bacteria, completely killing it, eventually.

Why is Coated Silver Better than the Colloidal Silver

Silver action against bacteria within the body is the same for both variants. However, the major difference resides in the efficiency and safety of the human body.

The coated aspect of the coated silver product brings a huge change compared to the colloidal silver. This unique coated variant consists of a high concentration of nanoparticles within each drop of product, unseen in any other colloidal silver supplements on the market. The particle size makes the silver flakes easily eliminated by the body.

The coated nanoparticles regulate the gradual release of silver ions which have time to attack only the harmful bacterial membrane, at the same time keeping the healthy cells fully protected.

The body doesn’t tolerate well the bigger particles of colloidal silver, however perfectly integrates and then eliminates the nanoparticles of coated silver.

Why the Coated Silver Has Great Results

The Coated Colloidal Silver operates as a supplement only, with antibacterial effects. It delivers silver nanoparticles of only 10 nm, smaller than anything else on the market. Thus they become potent in accomplishing their intended purpose, and at the same time easy to eliminate from the body system. The nanoparticles are characterized by uniformity, thus being the most stable product. The concentration of Coated Silver is around 20.000 ppm, as compared to the other colloidal silver supplements that provide only 250 ppm. This means the efficiency with only one drop of product is way above anything else based on colloidal silver. In the long term, this means it is most cost-effective. Although you pay the first time a slightly higher price for the Coated Colloidal Silver, you will make savings afterward. The estimations show that for every gallon of nanosilver product, at 10ppm concentration, the saving amounts to $206.99


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.