Crystal Clusters – Spiritual Properties & Uses

When we picture crystals, we immediately think of the beautiful clusters that they form. According to My Essential Planet, Crystal clusters are formations that can be found readily in nature. Of course, you’ll have to do a little digging, to find them!

These formations occur when the particles within the crystalline structures group themselves into bunches. Then, these bunches can then calcify. This process creates a hard outer shell of rock around the crystal,  which is known as a geode. 

We know that crystal clusters are beautiful, but do they provide any specific healing benefits?

In this article we will discuss the powerful properties of these beautifully natural gemstone structures. 


Crystal healing incorporates many different shapes and styles of crystals. Commonly, these include spheres, pyramids and towers. Of course, nothing quite beats the beauty of a shimmering piece of crystal in its natural state. Namely, in the form of a raw cluster.

The jagged edges of crystal clusters tend to catch light in a unique way. This results in a wonderfully iridescent sparkle that magnifies the crystal’s colors. 

Because of their beauty, crystal clusters make great centerpieces. Furthermore, many people incorporate clusters into their decor using Feng Shui. 

Aside from their aesthetic appearance, crystal clusters possess a wide variety of healing properties. 


Crystal clusters have a wide variety of spiritual benefits. Many people use them meditation due to their energetic properties. When crystals are in this raw state, the energy they give off is not obstructed or channeled. Therefore, energy can flow more freely out of the crystal. This results in a warm ray of energy that emanates outward from the cluster’s center in radiant beams. 

While spheres and pyramids each have their own healing use, they are not all able to be used for multiple purposes. Unlike these specifically shaped crystals, clusters possess pure, uncharnelled energy. Because of this, they can be used in conjunction with other crystals without changing the energy of the other stones. 

Another great use for crystal clusters, is in purifying the energy of a space. Because of their shape, clusters act as “nets”. Their outstretched arms absorb and filter the energy they come in contact with. 

Just by placing a crystal color in your room, you can instantly purify the space of negative energy. As energy flows through the room, it comes in contact with the crystal, at which point in gets absorbed. Once the crystal cluster has purified this energy, it expels it back into the air. Much like a tree pulls carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and returns oxygen, crystals purify negative energy out of the air.

Another property of crustal clusters is their ability to cast a protective aura around their proximity. The nature of this aura depends on what type of crystal the cluster is made from. That said, most crystals have the ability to provide protection in one form or another.

For example, a cluster of amethyst is said to be able to protect from harmful intentions. On the other hand, raw rose quartz can be quite powerful in terms of protecting one from heartaches.

While all crystals have benefits no matter what shape or size they come in, crystals often radiate with a broad, powerful frequency that allows their benefits to be most concentrated. 


As you can see, a crystal cluster is a wonderful tool for spiritual healing.

Aside from its exquisite beauty, this type of crystal can provide many powerful metaphysical benefits.

Now that you know the basics, go out and grab some beautiful crystal clusters for yourself!