Dream About Eating Glass – What Does This Bizarre Dream Mean?

People are not sure what dreams are and what they mean. Some believe that dreams could be a way to communicate with the spiritual world or even our subconscious. Others think that dreams are just a product of random thoughts and happenings during the day. Whatever your opinion, we all can agree that dreams are interesting, sometimes bizarre, and they don’t always make sense.

A dream about eating glass isn’t a particularly pleasant dream, as it is often fraught with anxiety as well as feelings of guilt. There is no objective meaning to the dream about eating glass, so in order to interpret your dream as accurately as possible, it is important to take a closer look at the symbols of your dream, and remember how you felt when you woke up — what emotions this dream evoked in you.

dream about eating glass

Dream About Eating Glass – General Interpretation

The dream about eating glass is about feeling like you have no control over your life and you are being consumed by it. You may feel helpless, regretful, or angry. You may also feel overly emotional or disappointed in yourself.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, then the dream could be a sign of how hard it is for you to maintain your diet (you eat more than you should or you can’t resist sweets, even if you decide not to eat them.) This then leads to stress or disappointment in yourself, which is then reflected in your dreams.

You may be trying to eat healthily and exercise all day, but in the evening the appetite for sweets will come and you can’t resist. As soon as you have some sweets, you will start to regret it and hate yourself for not being able to resist. This anger is then reflected in your dream in the form of eating glass or chewing pieces of glass.

If you had a dream that you ate glass and had blood in your mouth, then it means that you said something you shouldn’t have said, such as revealing a secret or saying something disrespectful or derogatory, and now you are afraid of the consequences. You see no hope that things will be settled or that your words will be forgotten.

Glass In A Dream

Glass in a dream can symbolize any type of fragile or breakable object or situation, most often something tangible like your relationships or your health. When you see glass in a dream, it means transparency, purity, and often even new beginnings or success if it is glittering glass. If you see broken glass, however, it means the opposite – non-transparency, anxiety, physical and mental weakness.

The combination of glass and mouth (whether it’s eating, chewing, or swallowing) then means that you are either not doing what you say (eg you don’t keep your promises) or you say something you shouldn’t say.

We hope we have answered your question about what it means when you dream about eating glass. If you would like to learn the meaning of another dream, visit our Dream Interpretations category.