Dream About Knife or Knives (Meaning & Symbolism) – 9 Interpretations of The Dream

Dreaming about knives can be a scary experience. It is not just any other common dream. Knives in your dreams reveal the hidden fear that lurks in your subconscious mind and your reactions to certain situations or people. In some instances, it will give you a message and help you grow from an adverse situation. Knives have many meanings in dreams and depending on the context, they can be either positive or negative.

dream about knife

Symbolism of Knife or Knives In Your Dream

A knife in a dream is a powerful symbol of danger and violence. Knives can be used as weapons to hurt people and animals. They can also be used as tools to cut, slice, and puncture. In whatever way you are using a knife, it is dangerous. A dream of knives can symbolize:

  • thoughts of danger
  • violence or separation
  • fear of rejection or abandonment
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • guilt, shame, or regrets
  • unresolved issues in your life

Interpretations of Dreams About Knives

The meaning of a knife in your dream may be related to how you feel about the situation in your life that is represented by the knife. It may also reflect how you are feeling about yourself or your life as a whole. If you are dreaming of seeing a knife, it may be a sign that you may be feeling threatened in some way. You may feel that someone is trying to attack you or that someone has intentions to hurt you or cut ties with you (or you with them).

A dream involving knives can also indicate that you are feeling vulnerable and need protection in some aspect of your life. It may also indicate that you are feeling threatened by something and need to take some sort of action to protect yourself. When in the presence of a knife in your dream, there could be feelings of anxiety, fear, and helplessness. You may feel overwhelmed by something in your dream and the presence of the knife could heighten these feelings of anxiety and fear.

There are various ways to interpret the knives in your dreams:

If you are feeling unsafe in your dream or if you’re being threatened by someone with a knife, this may reflect a sense of fear in your waking life.

If you’re chasing after someone who is running away from you with a knife, this may reflect your frustration at not being able to catch someone who is avoiding you.

If the knife is held against your throat or chest, this may reflect the feeling of being trapped or suffocated in your relationship or situation.

If the blade is dull and not sharp enough to inflict damage on its target, this may reflect your uncertainty about how to proceed in a difficult situation, feelings of vulnerability, or insecurity. A dull blade may also represent a lack of passion or excitement in your life. A sharp blade may represent your desire for power and control over others.

If you’re fighting with someone and there are knives involved, this may reflect feelings of frustration and anger at the person’s actions toward you.

If the person has a knife and is threatening to use it on you if you don’t do what they say, this may reveal an underlying feeling of fear and vulnerability within yourself.

If you are cutting yourself with a knife in your dream, this can suggest negative thinking patterns within yourself that are hurting you emotionally and mentally. It may also be representative of self-destructive tendencies or behaviors that are harmful to yourself physically or emotionally.

If someone is throwing knives at you, it could mean that someone will try to threaten you or that they will not help you when you need it (while you always helped them when they needed.) It could also mean that the person who threw knives at you in the dream is gossiping behind your back or revealing some secret that should never have been revealed.