Everything You Need To Know About About Birthstones

Regardless of where they were born, every person on this planet has their own birthstone. Each month has a gemstone that symbolizes it, but the list of gems has been through some changes. First of all, several different lists have been adopted from the start by the national association of jewelers, and second of all, as some gems became very rare, others were added to the official list. That is why today people born in, for example, June have even three birthstones. Apart from looking gorgeous, birthstones also come with their own set of powers. At least, it is claimed so. If you wish to find out which one is your birthstone or you want to buy one for your loved one, here is all you need to know.

January: Garnet

It is said that the birthstone for January is garnet, a beautiful gem that comes in several colors. However, the most common is deep red and the stone itself symbolizes protection.

February: Amethyst

While citrine, a stone you can research on this link  https://moonmagic.com/blogs/news/november-birthstone-citrine,  was loved by Queen Victoria for its vivid color, amethyst was popular by the members of royalty in many cultures due to its violet hue. It can be found all over the world and it is a symbol of wisdom. 

March: Aquamarine

The gemstone for March is aquamarine, and it is easy to guess the color of it by focusing on its name. It is famous for its blue hue, but the deeper blue stones are rarer and therefore, more expensive. Those who wear aquamarine should have harmony in their marriage, which makes this a perfect wedding present. 

April: Diamond

Everyone in the world knows about diamonds and their beauty. This stone is a symbol of light, life, purity, and perfection and is often present in engagement rings.

When buying Keyzar engagement rings online, ask the vendor to supply a certificate of diamond or gemstone authenticity to confirm that you are purchasing a real stone.

May: Emerald

Famous for its deep green color, the emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. It represents youth, growth, and intelligence and is supposed to bring joy to the one who wears it. 

June: Alexandrite, Pearl, Moonstone

As mentioned, some months have several birthstones, and June has three – alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone. While alexandrite represents love, the pearl is a symbol of purity and a moonstone indicates good luck.

July: Ruby

One of the most famous stones on the planet, Ruby, is known for its red color and is associated with vitality and physical strength. If you wish to remind someone that they are full of life and have a lot to offer, give them a necklace with a ruby pendant. 

August: Peridot

The color of the peridot is olive green, and the darker the stone, the higher the price. It breaks easily so it requires a lot of care. This stone symbolizes beauty and glows the same way in natural and artificial light.

September: Sapphire

It is said that sapphire is supposed to protect lovers from harm, as it represents truth. This gorgeous blue gem is great for any occasion.

October: Opal, Tourmaline

Both of these stones come in a wide variety of colors, and while opal is considered great luck, tourmaline is said to be a stone of reconciliation.

November: Citrine, Topaz

These two stones are often mistaken for each other since they have gorgeous orange hues. However, citrine represents joy, warmth, and energy while topaz with its orange-pink undertones symbolizes love, strength, and intelligence.

December: Turquoise, Tanzanite, Blue Zircon

Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Blue Zircon are all known for their various shades of blue. Tanzanite supposedly breaks down negativity while zircon clears your mind. The other blue stone, turquoise, symbolizes friendship.

Knowing which stones belong to which month and learning about their meaning can help you find the perfect gift for yourself and the people you care about.