Feng Shui Kua Number 1 – Understand Your Personal Kua Number

The date of birth has an extraordinary influence on us as individuals and on our lives. The ancient Chinese already knew this, so they created a Kua system that helps us achieve harmony, happiness, and success in life.

Kua number will help you better know yourself and your life path. It will also help you find out which directions are lucky or unlucky for you, so if you want to work with feng-shui energy and apply it to your life, knowing your Kua number is crucial.

kua number 1

How to find out your Kua number

There is a formula for calculating your Kua number; however, it’s much easier to use any Kua number calculator online. You fill in the date of birth and gender and then get your Kua number. I personally like this calculator.

Once you’ve found your Kua number, you’ll also find your best and worst compass directions. These are directions that affect you and your life. For example, because you have a Kua number 1, southeast is your success and finance zone, east is a zone of health and well-being, south is a zone of love and relationships, and north is a zone of personal growth.

kua number 1

Your best and worst compass directions (wofs.com)

Now that you know what your Kua number is and what directions will have the most positive impact on you, one last step is to locate these directions in your bedroom, office, or anywhere else you spend most of your time. You can do it simply by using the compass on your smart device.

Kua Number 1

Individuals with Kua number 1 have extraordinarily developed intuition and are the most ambitious and determined to achieve all Kua numbers’ goals.

Those with Kua 1 often seem to have been born for success and victory; They like to compete with others and are natural leaders. They can focus on their goals and firmly believe in achieving them. What they often forget about is relaxation and work on mental balance.


With Kua number 1, north is your personal growth and success direction. It is the area of your room where you should place flowers, books, a vision board, inspirational quotes, an office desk, or anything else that represents personal and career growth.

If you’re working from home on a laptop, this is where your office desk and laptop should be placed.


Having Kua number 1, south is your direction of love and relationships. If you have a table in this area of your room, place two candles, two hearts, a picture of lovers, or anything that symbolizes love. Red or pink are most often associated with love, so it is advisable to focus on these colors.

If you have a door or window in this area, hang up a picture of hearts or anything associated with love. Doors or windows may not always be an obstacle, as there is always some way to apply feng-shui energy to such places.


Southeast is your direction for success, money, wealth, and abundance. Place in this area (it’s probably the corner of your room) a money box, a wooden statue of a buddha, or a fountain. The wood itself is suitable for attracting money, and water symbolizes flow. Read more in this article: Feng Shui Money Corner

If you have a bed or closet in this area, move it a little away from the wall and make room for a money box or any other object you want to put there. Again, nothing is an obstacle because you can easily rearrange your space by moving the objects elsewhere.


East is your last lucky direction. It is the direction of health and well-being, and for you to have Kua number 1, it is crucial to pay attention to success, career, and health.

With Kua number 1, you have the perfect ability to focus on your goals and eventually achieve them. First, remember that enough rest and sleep are extremely important to you and deserve significant attention in your daily life.

Any health-related items are suitable for this area; it can be a set of green candles, herbs in a pot, or plants with a solid strain. It is also essential to keep this part of your room clean, and if there are plants, take care of them and don’t forget to water them regularly. Dirt or wilted flowers can have a negative impact on your health.