Four arguments that will open your eyes to the relationships with Russian girls

Many men are sure that Russian girls are one of the most beautiful in the world. But they do not realize that their mentality and the culture of these ladies are very different from the usual to Western people ones. The experts of will tell you about x reasons not to date a Russian woman.


One of the character traits of absolutely all people that foreigners notice when coming to Russia is their sullenness. Russian people are not constantly sad and dissatisfied, as it may seem. The results of a study conducted by American and British scientists have shown us that the emotional openness of residents of a particular country directly depends on the number of immigrants.

As it turned out: in countries where throughout history there has always been a large number of migrants, people are more likely to use facial expressions as a way of communication. For example, countries such as the United States or Canada. They have received the highest number of immigrants over the past 500 years. There, a smile is the manifestation of friendliness or joy. With the help of it, native speakers of different languages and cultures tried to overcome communication barriers. Russian girls are no exception to this. It is the reason for the sullenness all Russian people have, as well. But this does not mean that such a girl doesn’t know how to have fun and laugh. It just takes a pretty decent amount of time for many foreigners to accept this fact. And if you are planning a relationship with a Russian female, then this is the first thing you should pay attention to.


Each nation has its mentality. Furthermore, the behavior of each person may differ too. It is very important for understanding the relationship with Russian girls. These ladies, of course, are famous for their beautiful appearance, hospitality – but they also have such traits as secrecy and distrust. They tend to examine a person, ask about his life and family. Just to make sure that they are not in any danger.

Russian girls are very serious about relationships

The seriousness of intentions is a thing without which there would be no possibility to build a relationship. It’s an advantage for the Russian girls, but for a foreign man – a huge problem. Russian women have already planned long before – that they want to get married and are already in full combat readiness to give birth to children. Are you ready to settle down, dear friend? If not – you are in trouble.

This attitude is connected, again, with the mentality. In Russia, it is customary to have a family by the age of 25, or a girl will be considered an old maid and a loser. In the Western world, marriage is often delayed until 30-35 years, and the birth of children is even up to 40. It is believed that first, you need to get firmly on your feet, make a career, and only then get married. Therefore, Western men and women are surprised that Russians are so worried about marriage and childbirth at a time when “life is just beginning”!

Therefore, if you are a foreign man and you want a Russian girl to marry you – be prepared for the fact that it will be too serious.


Unfortunately, infantilism is a characteristic of the majority of Russian girls. These women, tired of cold and harsh local men, are very pliable to the banal courtship typical of sultry southerners. When coming to warm lands for a vacation, Russian girls are eager to have a holiday romance and keep vivid memories on their return home. They also expect foreign men to pamper them and give all their attention and care.