Frantisek Drtikol Quotes

Frantisek Drtikol *March 3, 1883, †13 January 1961, is the Czech photographer forming a mystic.

He became famous mainly for his portraits and nudes in art nouveau style of the late, later influenced by cubist-futurist elements, but also their spiritual practice eastern teachings, especially Buddhism. He is rightly known as the Patriarch of Czech Buddhism.

Many spiritual experiences that were Drtikol source of his inspiration, he captured in his diary writings. Drtikol’s photos can be viewed as a diary of his mystical journey or the initiation tool.

frantisek drtikol

frantisek drtikol

When I want to solve something, I will not think about that stuff, I’ll keep quiet about it.

The error is that we think that the way to God is a desert, drought, etc. There is no desert or drought. These are just our thoughts and our reasoning, which creates a trap.

Every action, whether good or bad, every thought, word, radiates into space, copies circle and returns back to the point where he started. That’s karma.

Just live and not to force in the life!

And suddenly you notice that everything works for you, all people, circumstances, weather, etc. Just be dedicated and silent and live in the presence!

When talking to someone, whether in any way that somehow the soul identifies with that person and takes all the properties that are talking to each other. And that defiles his soul and attracts those qualities together and become them.

frantisek drtikol

*Quotes are translated from the Czech language and, therefore, they may not be entirely correct.

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