Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

Two Geminis are like two birds. Not just because air is their element and they’re ruled by Mercury, but their relationship is based solely on friendship, fun, adventure and understanding.

If anyone ever told you two same zodiac signs are not compatible, continue reading.

gemini and gemini compatibility

Is Gemini compatible with another Gemini?

It is said that Geminis have more personalities. I personally am a Gemini surrounded by a bunch of other Geminis and I quite disagree with this claim. The truth is our lives are somewhat dual, but it does not always mean having double personality.

We can live alternately in two countries, we can have two toothbrushes or drink coffee and tea at the same time, we can look at the problems from two angles of view or do two and more things at the same time, but when it comes to love, there is only one partner.

Now, when you think about our qualities, how does it look when two of the same people meet?

Imagine what happens when you add more air into the wind. You create even bigger wind, if not windstorm! Not in a negative sense of word, however. Simply put, the quality of the air element is doubled.

Communication is the key

Gemini are great communicators and the conversation between these two air creatures may be so long that they can lose track of time. The two of us have a lot of things to talk about, a lot of questions as we are an extremely curious sign, and we know a little about every subject, so verbal communication will be something that instantly connects us.

Have you ever seen a text message from a Gemini in love? Well, it looks like a piece of work. We are good at communication and thinking as such, and if we find someone with this quality, we are literally in our skin.

Two adventurous spirits

Geminis love adventure, fun, traveling, discovering new things or places, trying new things in life or in bed, tasting new meals.

Two Geminis won’t have time to get bored because their life can be very active and colorful. And if they are not on the go or do not climb the mountains, they’ll apply their active souls and creativity in the home environment.

They can together decorate the apartment or paint the walls, or lay their feet on the table, watch the movie together, discuss till the night and, again, lose track of time.

Two Geminis are very active, either physically or mentally, and at first glance they may look more like best friends than lovers. 

A life without limits

Gemini’s relationship can be more or less balanced, and dominance or submissiveness goes aside. Gemini are free-minded, free souls, they literally hate any limits, prohibitions or barriers.

However, this can occasionally cause great difficulty in the relationship. Gemini are a very jealous sign, and if the jealousy ever appears in a relationship, either because one of them talks to someone in the club or changed the style of communication (yes, we are very sensitive to every single word and everything about communication), the fire is on the mountain!

A great openness may occasionally cause troubles, and even though we know that our Gemini partner does not flirt but just talks to people, our ingenious mind creates various scenarios and begins to panic. We are overthinkers and we know that very well.

That being said, even though Geminis can be similar in so many ways, the relationship between these two is more than possible and may result in a very harmonious, passionate and playful connection.

Two Geminis can be a great example of that two identical zodiac signs can be compatible, in some cases even more compatible than with other zodiac sign, if they remove from the relationship any unnecessary suspicion, jealousy, and overthinking.

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