Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

You’d think you could double your pleasure when two sets of Twins come together in a relationship, but is a foursome really such a great idea? Remember that Geminis have two distinct personalities (just ask anybody who’s dated one).

gemini and gemini

One can be bright, light, and chatty, and supply anyone willing to listen with a wealth of random information. The other is a deep, brooding loner who wants nothing to do with people. Boy, with two characters like that inside of them, who needs a partner? Well..Gemini does.

Those born under this sign crave communication. The Twins love information, and they acknowledge their ability to flit from one idea to the next. What’s more, they appreciate having someone there who can track all this mental activity.

The planet Mercury rules Gemini. It’s known as a messenger as well as a trickster, and both nicknames describe the Twins perfectly. Put two Gemini natives together and it’s like a TV sitcom, with all the comedic one-liners they’ll toss at each other. This is an important trait for them to use as an antidote for their poison, which is boredom.

The Passion Zone

Some astrologers would go so far as to say that passion in this connection is an oxymoron, and they’d be far from the truth. just because Geminis tend to translate their feelings into thoughts, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel; it’s as if eroticism for them is a mental connection.

Now, it’s true that this cerebral exchange can lead to so much rapport that there’s no mystery left to fuel any desire. In other words, this couple can get to know each other so well that the romance starts to fade. And althrough this can be true for any sign, it’s particularly so for Gemini.

That being said, two Geminis in a relationship together can be inherently youthful and playful, giving them years of frolic in the bedroom. They need to play and keep things light, which will hold those dark Twins at bay.

Even though both Gemini partners may be similar in so many ways, the relationship between these two is more than possible.

The original text comes from the Lovescopes: What Astrology Knows about You and the Ones You Love book.