Health benefits of gaming

Often or not, people tend to connect the words gaming and lazy together, which, sometimes, this statement might be true to a certain extent but does not mean it should be a bad thing. Gaming, most of the time, does have benefits, even health ones. Here are some of the health benefits gaming provides.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress  

More and more, as we dig deeper into the future, one can easily realise that most of the teens in today’s standards suffer from anxiety attacks and stress, now this does not narrow down to just teens, also adults and kids. 

There are multiple ways one can reduce these emotions at times , and one of these picks is gaming. If it is mobile gaming, physical gaming, playing casino games at an online casino in Canada with real money or just in general gaming. When it comes to gaming, the brain will be automatically teleported to a new world. A new adventure. This allows the user to have time to relax, lay back and fester in the mission at hand. 

Another one of these examples is the use of communication. Most games nowadays have an online gaming option which allows users to play with random people around the world and make new friends while completing challenges or perhaps going against each other as a test of skill. Either way, gaming is a good exercise to reduce the stress level. 

Hand-eye coordination 

One main component in gaming that all sorts of games have in common is the eye-hand coordination. This is happening mostly when gaming, for example looking at the screen and steering your car automatically with your fingertips without, of course, looking. While gaming, one is subconsciously always improving his/her eye-hand coordination which comes in very handy in real life situations such as simply; Catching a ball. 

Therapeutic for people with chronic diseases. 

Oftentimes, when it comes to trying to comfort a person with chronic diseases, it might get a bit tricky. The gaming world embarks  people with autism, parkinsons or even depression to overcome their daily fears and struggles by allowing them to play certain games, especially ones that are modified just for study purposes. This activity has shown a lot of growth in one’s personality, a more fighting spirit or a sense of empowerment. 

Pain Relief  

A game that was developed in the university of Washington called SnowWorld, is a VR game that is usually played by patients in severe pain, such as soldiers recovering from some battle wounds. The game mainly allows you to throw a lot of snowballs onto specific targets such as Penguins. 

The way this game works is that it will reduce the amount of pain the patient is feeling while playing the game. This is happening mainly because the patient is now, mentally in a new world doing a totally different assignment than laying down on the bed and waiting for the next doctor to come. It does not get rid of the pain completely but studies has shown that the soldiers playing SnowWorld during the period of stay, usually require less pain relieving medicines during the whole recovery.