Holy Help on How to Improve Your Relationship With God

Are you feeling a bit spiritually strained these days?

While faith is supposed to act as a bit of a crutch during trying times, trying to deal with a lot of stress for a long time can rattle even the most devout. Fortunately, if you’re struggling with your belief, there are a few easy things you can do to help revitalize and strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Here are a few tips on how to build and improve your relationship with God.

Take Up Meditation

The modern world is exceedingly noisy. Between 24-hour news cycles, social media, and your regular day-to-day responsibilities, it can be tough to hear and maintain your connection to God. And that’s where meditation comes in.

Meditation can seem intimidating or even downright strange to those who have never practiced. However, at its root, it’s not much different than prayer. Taking a little time out of your day to step away from everything else and quietly think about a challenge you’re facing or scripture can help improve your sense of focus and strengthen your relationship with God.

Practice Gratitude

When was the last time you thanked the Lord for the little things? When dealing with the pressure of everyday life, it can be easy to let our frustrations and negative emotions build up until it becomes nearly impossible to see the good in the world.

Studies show that starting your day off by listing off a handful of things you’re thankful for can help curb stress, which can help you focus and strengthen your relationship with the Lord. Before you get out of bed each morning, try to take a moment to thank God for five things you genuinely appreciate. These can be little things like hot coffee or big concepts like your family and friends.

Strengthen Your Sense of Compassion

As a Christian, it is your job to go forth and spread God’s love, and the best way to do that is not by judging your neighbors or even sharing scripture; it’s by showing compassion.

Our sense of compassion is a bit like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. If you feel like your relationship with the Lord is under strain, take some time to reach out to your fellow humans who may be struggling. Get involved in your community or reach out to a neighbor who’s going through a difficult time.

The more you reach out with love and empathy, the stronger your relationship with the Lord will become.

Join a Bible Study

Another fantastic way to strengthen your relationship with God is by gaining a better understanding of His word. And one of the best ways to do that is by joining a bible study.

In a bible study, you’ll connect with other Christians who will be able to help you and empathize with you during your spiritual journey. On top of that, by meeting up with other people to read and discuss the Bible, you’ll be able to get a fresh outside perspective on scripture that may help you understand it a bit better.

How to Improve Your Relationship with God

As humans, we are all flawed by default, so, understandably, our faith and relationship with God will get strained now and then. Fortunately, as a Christian, you can always find your way back if you’re willing to put in the time and open your heart.

If you’re looking for more advice on how to improve your relationship with the Lord, we’re here to help. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles, tips, and tricks today!