How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in Your Body?

CBD is the latest craze in the health and wellness community. Everyone seems to love taking CBD oil for a variety of conditions. While CBD use is on the rise, many people still have questions regarding how long does CBD stay in system and how long it takes for CBD to get out of your system. We are going to answer these questions so you can take CBD with confidence.

Most people asking these questions are likely wondering will CBD oil show on a drug test. The answer is complicated. Drug tests usually do not test for CBD because it is non-intoxicating and 100% legal. Operating a vehicle or machinery is entirely safe because CBD does not deliver a high. Most drug tests are looking for THC; the cannabinoid derived from cannabis makes the user high and is dangerous to take if operating a vehicle.

Full Spectrum CBD

Where things get complicated is when users start taking full spectrum products. While they mostly consist of CBD, full-spectrum products contain THC and other cannabinoids. Advocates of taking full-plant products believe there are more benefits associated with taking CBD along with THC and other cannabinoids than CBD by itself.

While only small amounts of THC are allowed in full-spectrum CBD products, the THC still could show up in a drug test. To be considered a hemp product, THC levels have to be under 0.3%. At this concentration, the user will not get high, but enough THC can build up in the system to cause a positive drug test when taken daily.

We strongly suggest checking the lab test results from your favorite CBD brand before taking them to ensure you are not consuming THC if you are worried about failing a drug test.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

Scientists say that CBD stays in your system for 2-5 days and this range does not apply to everyone because our metabolisms are all different. CBD can last up to several weeks in some users.

If you are concerned with failing a drug test, the amount of CBD is not what you have to worry about. THC can also last extended periods, especially if you are taking it regularly. If you are just taking CBD from CBD capsulesfor example, you have nothing to worry about.

How Long Until CBD Oil Takes Effect?

This question is usually asked by first-time users; they may also wonder how quickly does CBD oil works. The answer is complicated and requires users to understand how CBD works. You will not feel immediate results from a CBD product no matter how it is taken. Some methods indeed become available for the body to use faster than others do; however, CBD does not have an instant effect. To experience the benefits of CBD, consistent dosing is required. You want the CBD to build up in your system because this will create an increase in endocannabinoid production.

How to Take CBD

To get the most out of your CBD oil, you must take it regularly. CBD does not directly affect endocannabinoid receptors, the parts of the brain that deliver the benefits. Instead, CBD works indirectly, increasing the production of naturally produced neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids that directly affect the CB receptors.

Check your Lab Tests

If you are concerned with failing a drug test for THC, be sure to understand the type of CBD product you are taking. A product with THC will be labeled full-spectrum, but it does not hurt to be confident and test their cannabinoid potency tests.