How To Attract a Cancer Woman

Since the Moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer woman, her mood is variable the same way as the lunar cycle is; bright and dark, high or low. A Cancer woman can be calm and soft, yet stubborn and passionate. She is undoubtedly the most intimate and caring woman of the zodiac, and dating such a woman could be more than interesting!

how to attract a cancer woman

Mood swings

A Cancer woman needs a partner who will understand and accept her frequent mood swings. Be direct and tell her your intentions openly. She values ​​a sincere and reliable partner. She wants you to love her, adore her and take care of her, no matter how high or low her mood level is.

Telling her how moody she is may end up your relationship as quickly as it began. Instead, be respectful and tell her that you’re here for her. Or say nothing at all!

TIP: If you have experienced something that has stirred emotions in you, share your story with her.

Romantic mysticist

An interesting combination, huh? Be romantic but mysterious. Be prepared to talk openly about love and intimacy, but do not tell her what you like or what excites you most about sex right on the first date. Uncover your secrets and deep desires slowly, it’ll make her extremely curious and her lust to see you again will increase!

TIP: Baroque-style restaurant with red carpet and candles can be a great (and mysterious) place for your date!


Mysticism Vol.2

The water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) are interested in mysticism, occult sciences, things beyond human understanding and everything  associated with the unknown, or even death! Chatting on these topics can be extremely helpful as Cancer women want someone who has similar interests and hobbies. And as not a large minority of people are interested in these things, you will attract her attention at the speed of lightning!

Sometimes they can feel misunderstood because of their interests or fantasies, and they seek nothing other than a person with the same interests, with respect and understanding.

TIP: Be patient, it may take a while for her to open up.

Memories matters

The symbol of this sign (the crab) walks, as you might know, backwards. And when we look at women born under the sign of Cancer, we will see a great example of that the symbolism behind each of the zodiac signs has its own reason. Cancerian princesses are very emotionally based, and memories are just as important to them as water for fish.

Whether they are extremely positive and optimistic about the future, the past is where their mind spends a lot of time. Don’t be afraid to talk about your memories and past. Cancerians often feel like psychologists and talking about your past can increase their ego and chance that they will want to spend more time with you.

TIP: Don’t forget to take the initiative, too. If she’s shy, make the first move and ask her questions.