How To Get Rid Of Toxins In Your Body

Today our diets are polluted not only with chemicals and pesticides but also with an unhealthy amount of artificial food flavorings, artificial sweeteners, colors, and all kinds of other contaminants. The problem is that wherever we source our food from, there is always something in it that shouldn’t be in it – something that isn’t very helpful for our overall health. The other major problem is the actual food choices that we make. While we could eat healthier, it is just so much more convenient and quicker to eat something not-so-healthy.

If you are exercising or working out then you are probably consuming protein supplements, pre-workouts, and all kinds of other performance-enhancing supplements. The average person is also consuming alcohol, nicotine, CBD, THC, and a range of other things that are mostly for personal enjoyment. In some cases, people are also consuming medicines that have chemicals that have side effects and that also pollute the body. Here are some of the most effective ways to cleanse your body of toxins.


Recent studies have shown that intermittent fasting has a plethora of benefits for both the mind and body, but one of the most prominent benefits is how it allows the body to cleanse itself of unwanted toxins. During a twelve-hour fasting period, the body gets the opportunity to remove all the unwanted toxins. Your organs, being unencumbered by the digestive process, are able to remove all the excess build-up of toxins.

Since there is nothing else coming into the body, it gives the organs time to cleanse themselves whereas otherwise, they would be busy processing the food and water that is coming into the body. Since the body is not receiving any additional food or water every store within the body is drained and anything that is harmful or unnecessary is removed from the body.

Detox Programs

If you don’t want to fast but still want to get toxins out of your body quickly then consider flushing your system out with water. Most people aren’t consuming enough water on a daily basis so they aren’t able to cleanse their system. Alternatively, there are also amazing options for detox programs that are designed to do just this. If you need to appear for drug tests then signing up for a detox program is your best bet. These kits are designed with certain vitamins and minerals that speed up the detoxification process for you and have you feeling as good as new in no time. Keep in mind that along with this, having extra water will enter the bloodstream and reach every part of the body helping to clean the area and carry out any toxins or harmful materials and remove them from the body. For better overall health, you should be drinking plenty of water in your regular routine and this will help keep your system clean throughout the year.


To complement your diet, fasting, and increased water intake, exercise is a great choice. When you are giving your body generous amounts of water and consuming less of the unwanted toxins, you also need something to help flush out all the harmful things in your body. A healthy amount of exercise, even if that is just cardiovascular activity like cycling, will help move fresh blood into different parts of the body.

Blood acts as a carrier in the body and it helps to transport fresh nutrients to different parts. It also helps to carry out the harmful material from organs and different components of the body and bring them to the kidneys. Blood is then filtered by the kidneys and all the extra material is removed and clean blood is pushed back into the body. If you have the energy to do more intense workouts such as HIIT or weightlifting, that will be even more effective. The higher you can push your heart rate the better the circulation of blood in your body and consequently the better the cleansing that takes place.


The main reason why harmful materials build up in the body is because of an unhealthy diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. However, just like how a poor diet can harm your body, a good diet can help rectify the problems. Eating clean food will not only provide your body with good nutrients but will also give you the minerals and vitamins you need to clean out the body. If you want to take this a step further you can add supplements to your diet that are specifically designed to remove toxins and cleanse your system.

To get the best results, consider using a mix of these techniques. This will not only help you get quicker results, but you will clean your system out more thoroughly. Some materials in the body can take a little longer to clear out no matter what you do. Ideally, you should get a series of tests run to evaluate the condition of the body before you start and then get tests throughout the process to keep tabs on your progress. Nothing will happen overnight but with consistency and a balanced approach, you will get there eventually.