How to Start Letting Go of the Past and Begin the Healing Process

It’s no secret that life is a journey.

After all, the average person’s lifetime is filled with a wide range of experiences. Some create happy memories, while other moments are highly traumatic. When bad things happen, such as losing a loved one or having your heart broken, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in the past and unable to move on.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for help with letting go of the past. This article takes a look at the healing process, and what you need to do in order to find inner peace. Keep reading to gain insight into how to move on.

Accept Reality

The first step in the healing process is to accept reality for what it is. Relationships end, even when you don’t want them to. This is obviously painful to cope with, but holding onto the past is like keeping yourself attached to a boat anchor.

Refusing to accept reality will only make the pain that much more painful. Thus the faster you can come to terms with it and move on, the faster you will be able to find closure and peace.

Don’t Ignore Your Feelings

Many people attempt to compartmentalize their feelings, thus ignoring and pushing them down so they never have to experience unpleasant emotions. This is actually extremely unhealthy.

The key is to face your feelings, learn to process through them, and understand what happened and why it hurts. Doing so will help you understand the situation in a more logical way, which allows the heart to heal faster. 


It’s also important to engage in plenty of physical activity. Go to the gym. Take long hikes. Ride bikes with family and friends. Lift weights and sweat as much as possible. 

This will help distract your mind from negative thought patterns while also keeping your body fit, which is an extremely important aspect of good mental health.

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In recent years, an increasing number of people have discovered the power of meditation. This is the simple practice of finding a quiet place to sit, close your eyes, and allowing your random thoughts to come and go from your mind without attaching to them.

Meditation will help you relax, lower your blood pressure, and provide a momentarily respite from your hectic daily schedule. 

Talk to a Therapist

It can also be helpful to talk to a therapist. These are people who are trained to guide you through the emotional landscape of your life. They can help offer perspective and help you get in touch with your deepest feelings.

Learn to Practice Gratitude

Believe it or not, learning to be thankful for your life is a great tool for healing. You might not feel grateful at the moment, but learning to gratitude for all the good things in your life will actually help you to see things are better than you had previously imagined.

A Guide to Letting Go of the Past So that You Can Live Your Best Life

Moving on after heartbreak or any other type of trauma isn’t easy. Fortunately, these tips for letting go of the past will help you get going in the right direction.

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