How To Win In Solitaire: Best All-Time Solitaire Strategies

Solitaire is a highly popular game that hundreds of thousands of people play for fun, to refresh their minds, and for several other reasons. There are several types of solitaire possible but if you want to learn how to win solitaire games, you most likely think about classic solitaire, which can be more challenging than expected.

The good news is there are several things you can do to be more successful at the game. And you can even find out how to win money playing solitaire online with options like Solitaire Cube. But, to do this, you will need to be aware of the following. 

Master The Rules First

Before you look for information about how to win money on Solitaire Cube or how to win solitaire cash in general, you have to master the game rules. This is particularly important when playing other versions of the game, not the classic one. You can only win at solitaire when you know what you have to do and you take the right steps. If you play modern solitaire types, you have to learn the extra specific features added. 

First Focus On Face Down Cards

The number one rule to remember when looking for information on how to win at solitaire is to first deal with face down cards. These are the ones that are hard to handle and there is not much mobility available with them. When you can choose between playing a stockpile card and freeing one of the face down cards, always look at the tableau. Ideally, target longer piles whenever possible. This does involve properly using Kings. 

Always Take Parity Into Account

Solitaire is all about black-red and red-black combos. This is particularly important when referring to the kings you use to free the board. For instance, when you have a black King placed on the field and you then you can add another one that is red or black, you should always opt for red.  This continues with queens, jacks, and so on. The reason for this very important part of how to win solitaire games is that having diverse stacks drastically increases the possibility of playing pieces, which automatically leads to more won games. 

Break The Rules When You Can

When learning how to win solitaire cash, you quickly learn how important the undo function is. Remember that those with a very high winning percentage (the ideal is close to 80% of games played) use CTRL+Z and they do restart card arrangements. 

If you take a look at the experts opinions and casino reviews here, you can see solitaire games that have the undo option and games without it. Whenever possible, play those that allow you to undo since the best move is not always the one that is recommended by strategy. Through trial and error, you can go through difficult game setups that keep appearing. You just need practice to notice when the best moves are not the strategic ones. 

Always Move Your Aces And Deuces

While moving Aces as soon as they appear is something most players figure out fast, the same cannot be said about the other cards. In optimal Solitaire strategy, you move Aces to the foundation as soon as you can. Then, you keep moving the other cards. However, in a connection with the strategy tip mentioned below, remember that moving cards to the foundation usually means you cannot move the card back. This is the case with most Solitaire variations you find online at the moment. This means you have to be careful and determine if there is no better move available. 

Always Look Twice Before You Move

This tip is particularly important with solitaire variations where the undo option is not available. It is very easy to get caught up in the cards and stuck on the first move you notice. Sometimes, there is even an automatic play option that will make the most obvious move for you. Never use this if you want to win at solitaire. It will hinder your game as you will not be able to play some strategic moves. The control you have over the game is just much lower. 

How To Win Solitaire Every Time – Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, one of the toughest things you have to remember about how to win at solitaire is that it is impossible to win every single game you play. The best players out there reach a winning percentage of around 80%. At the end of the day, you need to keep playing and practicing your strategy. When you are tilted or you feel down, move to more casino table games for ones who love solitaire. Variation is always important and sometimes all you need is a mental reset to get back to winning ways.