Iconic Years In The History Of Adidas

Adidas is a brand that is synonymous with sportswear and some of the best athletes in the world. Despite of all the flash surroundings and famous names that now use their products, it was not always this way, with the brand starting out in a small wash room in a normal rural German town.


During the 1954 soccer World Cup, the German national team wore special Adidas boots that had studs in them that were screwed into place. These boots were so good and different from the ones used by other teams that they helped the country to win the competition and a trophy. This was the first step in making Adidas something of a household name and acted as a catalyst for their boots appearing on soccer pitches throughout the world.


It was in 1972 that the Olympics came to Germany (Munich) and it was for this event that Adidas created a new trefoil logo and presented it to the world. Whilst then the logo was a symbol of high performance, today it is a symbol for the brand’s more vintage collection, known as Originals. Although the times have changed, the Trefoil logo still remains an iconic Adidas symbol.


After the death of the Adidas founder, Horst Dassler, at the end of the 1980s, a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was appointed in 1993. His name was Robert Louis Dreyfus and he was given the task of helping the company to fight off bankruptcy. He did this by changing the ethos of Adidas from a sales-based company to more of a market-based one. This clearly was the right way to go as the company started to grow once again. Not long after Robert Louis Dreyfus was appointed as CEO, the company went public.


At the start of the new millennium, Adidas started new beginnings of their own, launching a new range of streetwear-inspired lifestyle clothing. During this time, the company teamed up with a number of famous designers, including Yohji Yamamoto and Stella McCartney. This saw Adidas create a number of new clothing labels, including Porsche Design Sport and Y-3.


Adidas built a brand new headquarters called the world of sports in its base in Herzogenaurach in Germany. This saw all of the company’s 5,400 employees located in a central campus typesetting so that they could all work together and come together to completely embrace the Adidas culture. Within the workspace things like assigned desks do not exist, there are various rooms and spaces to work in, and there are even areas for more casual encounters. The idea for doing this is that it will help to take the brand to the next level.


The company has recently launched its five-year strategy that is known as own the game, which puts the consumer first and at the heart of everything.

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