If you dream about someone, are they thinking of you? Yes and no!

When we are in love or very close to someone, it is not surprising that we dream about them. There are many theories on why this happens and whether or not the other person is thinking of you. Some people believe that when you dream about someone, it’s because they were (usually intensively) thinking of you on a daily basis. However, some argue that it is not scientifically supported and, therefore, impossible.

I personally lean toward both theories. Not only have I heard real people’s stories, but I have experienced it myself. So, if you dream about someone, are they thinking of you? Read on to find out!

If you dream about someone are they thinking of you

Yes, they’re thinking of you

I am sure many people want to hear this, so I won’t make you wait until you get to the bottom of the article, and I’ll answer right away. Yes, when you dream about someone, they are likely thinking of you!

When you dream about someone, they may think of you while you sleep or frequently during the day. Telepathy or spiritual connection with someone at a distance is nothing new under the sun. There are several experiments where two people were able to telepathically communicate, and communicating or receiving messages while sleeping is no exception. Telepathic communication does not necessarily mean that both parties are consciously communicating. It can often be a process where one person picks up the thoughts (like a receiver) of another, and it manifests either through random thoughts or dreams.

When we sleep, we have less control over our physical body; but our subconscious mind is open, more sensitive, and receptive. Therefore, receiving mental messages that others send us or picking up on their feelings and thoughts is easier.

No, they’re on your mind

If you can’t stop dreaming about someone, it could mean that the person is on your mind, and you may want their attention and presence in your life. Dreaming about someone is very common when you have a crush on someone, can’t get them out of your head, have a hidden desire, or feel a strong attraction to someone that may not even be romantic.

If you are in touch with the person or think about them often, they have a special place in your heart. The subconscious mind knows it, and hence it is showing you their presence in your dreams. You can see them happy, sad, hugging, or ignoring you in dreams. It all depends on how the subconscious mind sees them in your thoughts.

You might think that’s quite a vague answer. The truth is, this is how our subconscious mind works, and this person appears in our dreams not because they think about us or have a crush on us. Instead, it’s because we think about them. Similar to thinking about an animal of a specific color all day, the chances of you dreaming about it are high. It is a kind of projection of our desires or thoughts into sleep. In other words, our subconscious and conscious brains are working together to bring to the surface thoughts and feelings that you have about that person.

Additionally, if you are going through a difficult time and this person makes you happy (even just the thought of them), your subconscious mind has brought them into your dreams to lift your spirits. Or, if your current relationship is not harmonious, this type of dream gives you comfort in your real life.

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Yes and no – There is a deep connection between you two

If you are dreaming about someone specific, it usually means that you have a deep connection with them. And even though they’re not thinking about you 24 hours a day, their soul feels a certain attraction or deeper connection and is trying to communicate with your soul. It doesn’t necessarily mean they were thinking of you; it could just mean that there is something you need to know about that person or the situation they are in. It can also mean that you just want to be close to them, and the dream allows you such a precious experience.

A few years ago, I met my best friend and travel partner while traveling. I felt no physical or romantic attraction whatsoever, but I knew from the first meeting that we would meet again someday. A few weeks after that, I started having dreams about him. I wasn’t thinking about him, nor was there, as I said, any attraction. I later found out that he was my soulmate with whom I had traveled a large part of the world, and the dreams about him were because my soul or inner self was communicating with him through dreams. Moreover, he also often had dreams about me, and there were even days when we dreamed about each other simultaneously.

So, when you dream about someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are thinking of you, but there is definitely a deeper connection and communication beyond your control.

Final Words

Dreams about someone can be pleasant but confusing, especially if you don’t understand why you dreamed about this person. Our brains and our subconscious work on a level that not everyone understands, so it is impossible to say for sure that the person was thinking of you when you dreamed about them or if there is a deeper connection between you. However, as you can read in our article, there are three reasons why you dream about someone. Either they really thought of you, or you thought of them, or there is a deeper connection between you. If you keep a dream journal and write down all the details of your dreams in it, you can figure out why you are dreaming about that person over time.