Learn How-To Develop Your Spiritual Gifts

I believe every single one of us comes into the world with a unique set of Spiritual Gifts that we are here to share. Unique gifts, skills, our own personality, and archetypal traits that we are here to share with the world.

But the reality is so many of you are suppressing or hiding your gifts. Mostly out of fear, pain, distorted beliefs, and conditioning. Maybe you were told as a child you will never be good enough to do that thing you wanted to, maybe you think you are too old or that it’s too late. Or maybe you have convinced yourself that you don’t have enough time to start or try.

But what if I said to you that the one thing you are scared about doing, is what YOU are here to do. What if I told you that one thing you love to do is what you were here to share.

Someone out there is waiting for you to show up and share your gifts. So that you can inspire them to share their gifts. Do not leave the world void of your voice, your creativity, your inspiration, your passion and purpose. Believe me you will make the world a much more joyous place when you show up fully as you.

You Are Here To Honour Your Spiritual Gifts

You are here to own your spiritual gifts, honour your expression of god, your expression of spirit. You are here to love, appreciate and value your soul gifts. So that you can passionately live more of your life and soul purpose. So that you can live the life you were born to live. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing you share your unique creative expression with the world.

How To Develop Your Spiritual Gifts

Recognize You Are An Aspect Of God: recognize and remind yourself that at your core you are a miraculous aspect of god. There is only one of you although you are part of the whole.

Connect More With Your Heart And Soul: Spend less time in your monkey mind and on those external distractions. Practice daily meditation, make a more conscious heart and soul connection. 

Listen To Your Inner Child: Your Inner Child knows what it loves to do, what it is here to do. Tapping into your creative child, the explorer child, your magical child is a powerful way to unlock more of your spiritual gifts. If inner child wounding is sabotaging your life, your success. Heal your inner child, when you heal the inner child, you heal the adult you.

Know You Are A Spiritual Being: Remind yourself you are a spiritual being, having a human experience, your spiritual needs should be your main priority.

Practice Using Your Spiritual Gifts: Practice, practice, practice using and developing your spiritual gifts. Explore different spiritual teachings and gifts that will help open you up, awaken your gifts and develop your intuition.

How To Own Your Spiritual Gifts

The more you recognize and know you are a magical expression of god. The more deeply you become fully aligned with your heart, your soul, your passion and purpose. When you heal your wounded child, have fun with your innocent and magical child, you tap into your own fountain of magic and miracles.

When you remind yourself daily your spiritual needs come first and make time for what is truly important. Your inner and outer world begins to shift, the universe conspires and supports you.

How To Master Your Spiritual Gifts

When you love what you do, you naturally want to become a master of your gifts. Because it is such an integral part of you, and your soul’s journey. I cannot imagine a life without the spiritual gifts I have been tapping into over the last 30 years as a healer.

I am so blessed to have been able use my spiritual gifts in a job I love to do every day. In many way’s I cannot imagine a life without this amount of passion and purpose. It is one of the reasons I love helping others unlock and identify more of their soul’s gifts. Live more of their life and soul purpose.

The world is waiting for you, stop hiding your gifts under a bushel, the world needs you more than ever. It needs you to stand up and shine your light, to help raise the consciousness and vibration of not only our own life but the whole planet.
If you would love to awaken and own more of your Soul’s Gifts, live more of your life and soul purpose. Check out Eileen’s powerful Identify Your Souls Gifts Meditation.