Libra and Sagittarius: Compatibility and Relationship

libra and sagittarius

Two Fun-Loving Minds

Libra can hold its own in any social gathering. Sagittarius has an affable nature. Both signs discover opportunities through meeting the right people. Romance is apt to be full of drama.

Each elicits asseriveness in the other. As a couple, Libra and Sagittarius are able to generate support for projects. Neither really wants to face direct confrontations.

The diplomacy of Libra and the statesmanship of Sagittarius can circumvent much friction. Both signs seek pleasure in many different forms.

These signs can share a strong desire to escape together to exotic locales. Airy Libra encourages Sagittarius to slow down before action on sudden impulses.

The Archer may need to consider the potential consequences of its actions. Sagittaruis’ enthusiasm may push Libra off the fence to take action.

Libra benefits from the Archer’s love for immediate gratification. The love of companionship that these signs share is a source of strong compatibility.

Sugarcoated game

The games played in your Libra-Sagittaruis relationship are linked to avoiding adversity and grandiose hopes and wishes. When the two of you refuse to deal directly with issues, you may be in the middle of the Sugarcoated game.

A tendence to keep your interactions light might lead you to run away from serious problems. The romantic in Libra can detest the need to confront a problem. The idealist in Sagittarius may refure to even perceive that these is anything wrong.

The situation sours eventually, when you realize that a sense of distance has developed through not addressing differences adequately. Passion diminishes because you only scratch the surface of real communication. You may sense that you are both holding back your natural intensity.

You can climb to the greatest of fulfilling heights together. Don’t look down while you seek the highest plateaus. Your commitment is strengthened when you aren’t afraid of closeness. You don’t need to rush each other. It’s more important to enjoy each step of the journey.

The love in this romance is as powerful as an ocean. When you find a mutually comforting level of trust, the gentle, loving breezes that embrace your relationship are impressive.

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