March 24 Birthday Numerology

Strong intuition, good judgment, and superior mental talent are often attributed to those born on March 24. This combination of wisdom and logic is likely to lead you to positions of authority. As an Aries, you are practical and decisive, with a charming and attractive personality. The double influence of your ruling planet Mars (the planet of desire, energy and action), urges you to be mentally competitive and ambitious. Nevertheless, it is often the development of your natural intuition and trust in your inner voice that gives you the edge on others.


Self-assured, naturally gifted, honest, and direct is how others usually describe you. However, when you do not feel generous and sympathetic, you can easily turn into a stubborn individual who will not accept interference from others. Intolerant of ignorance. you can also become impatient and mentally restless. Alternatively, in your need to be helpful and kind, be careful not to play the martyr and react too dramatically.

With your powers of determination, you like to put thoughts into action, and your natural curiosity and inquisitive nature always inspire you to explore new territories. When it comes to communication, you are blessed with lightning-fast repartee and impressive eloquence. Socially inclined and highly creative, you may find expresion for your talents in artistic pursuits, drama, and humorous writing.

Up to the age of twenty-six you are likely to be independent and bold. After the age of twenty-seven. when your progressed Sun moves into Taurus, there is an emphasis in your life on material success, stability, and security. This more businesslike accent continues until around the age of fifty-seven when your progressed Sun enters Gemini. As this suggests a turning point for you, you might explore new ideas or learn new skills, as well as emphasize the growing importance of writing, speech, and communication.

The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers by Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan