Mercury Retrograde and its impact on my travels

The Mercury Retrograde can sometimes be tricky. It’s known that travels, signing various contracts or discussing sensitive topics with your significant other are quite inappropriate. Some of us get little crazy, and some simply ignore it and consider anything wrong that happened during this period as a matter of unfortunate coincidences.

Well, I’m something in between.

mercury retrograde travel

The last Mercury Retrograde lasted from December 3 to December 22, and it was quite strange time for me. And I guess for many of you, too. I got an idea to take some days off and travel, so I booked the tickets without knowing Mercury is going to be retrograde.

Delayed Flights

My day of departure is here. I arrived at the airport three hours earlier. “What if …” I thought. I entered the departure terminal and noticed that none of the screens was working. It was about 15:30 at that time, but the screens showed 12:40. There was no information about the check-in counter or departure gate. Nothing.

Later on, I went through security checks and tried to find a screen where I could get more information, but had no luck. I asked the tax-free shop vendor what was going on, she said it was a system bug, and they’re working on it. I had to leave at 18:25 to Lisbon, where I had only one hour and twenty minutes to change to the next flight. I started to worry and stress because it was 17:20, I had to fly in an hour and had no information.

Everything started to work around 18:00, and finally, I knew more about my departure time and gate. This flight was an hour and ten minutes late, and my worst fears have begun to be fulfilled. I had only 80 minutes to change at the Lisbon airport, but this flight was 70 minutes late. “80 minus 70 is 10 so, it’s impossible to catch the flight. I’ll have to sleep at the airport or pay the hotel and then fly back home. Tickets. Hotels. Money. Sleepless nights.” Stress took control over my whole being. Truly horrible situation.

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Finally, I landed in Lisbon a few hours later. I was sitting in the last seats and the passengers could only leave the plane using the front door. Everything was too slow except my mind that was quite active and imagined the worst scenarios. I’ve asked the flight attendant what’s my terminal and gate for the next flight. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we have no information.” I’m panicking and running from the plane to the airport. All the saints had to stand by my side, because even this flight was delayed and, surprisingly, we flew the same plane.

I was naively hoping everything was all right, but..

“Everything is finally behind me,” I thought. Our plane has landed at the destination airport and I immediately took a bus to the center. The driver did not speak English, but he (fortunately) understood the name of the hotel. After thirty minutes, the bus stopped in the street, and the driver told me that the hotel is just around the corner. For the next thirty minutes, I was desperately searching for my hotel that was actually on the other side, not where the driver showed me. I was exhausted and speechless but managed to find the hotel on my own.

I walked into my room and hoped everything would be okay. For now and forever. Once I turned on the lights in the bathroom, there was a huge amount of water on the floor. The cleaning lady left the window open and since there has been a heavy rain, my bathroom was literally full of water.

I went to bed and deeply believed that this was the last thing I did not suppose to happen. The rest of my stay was surprisingly smooth and without any problem (I feel deeply grateful even now), but this Mercury retrograde ride was far from the finish line. mercury retrograde travel

The way back home, again with a change in Lisbon

The first flight back to Lisbon was one hour and forty-five minutes late. And the time to change my flight was an hour again. For now, I remained calm as believed the next flight would be operated with the same plane so they’ll wait for us. I sit on the plane while the lady next to me starts to panic and cry. She begged the flight attendants to let her go out of the plane, but it was not possible. She forgot her phone on a phone charger in the terminal, but she could not go back. She was indescribably stressed.

Can you imagine the terrible feeling when you forget your phone in the terminal, just a stone’s throw from you, but you cannot go back? I had goosebumps all over my body.

After landing in Lisbon, I found out my next flight will be with a different plane, but this flight was delayed as well, so everything was fine and all the heavy stones have fallen from my chest.

Totally same scenario. Is this a coincidence?

I’m sitting next to two ladies while the aircraft door closes. Suddenly, one of these ladies began screaming and begging the staff to go out because she forgot her phone plugged into the charger in our departure hall. Unfortunately, she could not leave the plane. It was unbelievable and breathtaking (unfortunately, not in a positive way). This girl forgot the phone in the terminal on her charger, too. “How creepy,” I thought.  Totally identical scenario!

The Mercury retrograde period can be extremely stressful and exhausting, not just during traveling. However, if you want or need to travel during this period, take care and check everything carefully. Even though you know everything is under your control (or in your luggage), recheck your things. For your security. And a pure conscience.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2018 will arrive on March 22 and will last till April 15.