Miracle Affirmations To Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

Some believe in good luck, others in good fortune. If you are one who wishes to focus on good fortune and miracles, these affirmations are right for you.

Get into the miracle vibe!

Repeat these positive statements every day (at least 7 minutes at a time), and see how it changes your life for the better.

⦁ I’m ready to accept and receive miracles
⦁ I am open to miracles
⦁ My prayers are always answered
⦁ I pay attention to the thoughts I think
⦁ I welcome miracles into my life
⦁ All goals and dreams are within my reach
⦁ I have the power to change my life
⦁ Today I expect the best
⦁ I visualize the achievement of my goals and dreams daily
⦁ I rely on my faith to pursue my dreams when others would have simply given up
⦁ Miracles happen to me all the time
⦁ I focus on my dreams in a gentle, relaxed way
⦁ I reclaim my natural ability to follow my intuition
⦁ My life is filled with magnificent blessings and miracles
⦁ It’s time to reach for the goals I’ve set for myself
⦁ I’m dedicated to making my dreams reality
⦁ I’m living my dreams as reality every day by seeing and feeling my dreams and goals as already accomplished
⦁ Something wonderful is going to happen to me today
⦁ Today I find good fortune everywhere I go
⦁ I am now able to turn my dreams into realities
⦁ It’s okay to make my dreams true
⦁ When I visualize my goals as already accomplished and emotionalize my success, my dreams become reality
⦁ The sooner I start my dream, the sooner it manifests
⦁ I am committed to doing whatever it takes to reach my goals
⦁ Today and now I confidently stride toward my dreams
⦁ I manifest my desires quickly and joyfully
⦁ It’s time for me to accept my good fortune