Positive Affirmations For Parents & Positive Parenting

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts we receive during our lives. The child is our treasure, which has its talents and needs. Our task is to meet their needs, listen to them, support them, give them maximum comfort, and unconditional love.

Not only physical care but also mental care is very important for your child. In fact, physical health is often a reflection of mental health; therefore, we should not differentiate between them. Especially in the period of preschool and school-age, your child needs mental support and enough of your time and attention. If you feel that you are not a good parent or are not giving your child as much as they would like, these feelings and thoughts can often be reflected in your parenting life.

affirmations for parents

We have prepared for you several positive affirmations for parents and positive parenting to help you get rid of these negative feelings. Positive affirmations are short statements that we should repeat aloud or silently in our minds several times a day, preferably in the morning after waking up or in the evening before falling asleep.

  • I am proud to be a parent
  • I am grateful for my children
  • I am a great and supportive parent
  • I express love to my children as often as I can
affirmations for parents
  • I listen to my children and give them full attention
  • I let my children make mistakes because they learn from them
  • I understand the needs of my children and I respect them
  • I understand my child’s rhythm and don’t push them too hard
affirmations for parents

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  • I love my children unconditionally and support them in everything they do
  • I am a great role model for my children
  • I dedicate enough time to my children
  • I am calm in any situation
affirmations for parents
  • I understand the personality of my child
  • I can praise my child and tell them how well they are doing
  • I often hug my children and show them my love and admiration for them
  • I actively communicate with my children