A Quick “Bubble” Meditation For Letting Go of The Past

Many of us aren’t aware of how much our pasts are robbing us of a vibrant present and future. When we don’t move on from the past, our lives might be stunted or stuck, which means we’re living as though the past is our present and our future. However, in order to move forward, we must first let go of the past and things that no longer serve us. Meditation For Letting Go of The Past

“The past was never designed to limit our present and future”

Meditation For Letting Go of The Past

This meditation is very simple yet so effective, and can bring incredible results to many of us. Guided Meditation For Letting Go

Bubble meditation

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Comfortably sit or lie down; it doesn’t matter what position you choose, because the only thing you need is comfort and a calm and peaceful environment.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. If you feel like other thoughts still pop up on your mind, say out loud: “I breathe in now. And now I breathe out.” Do it so long until you are completely focused on your breath only.

Imagine a yellow or pink bubble in front of you (choose a color that you can better imagine) and put into it everything you want to let go of; all negative past memories, disappointments or emotions. Once you do so, say out loud: “I put all my past experience into this bubble. Now I’m ready to release it so it will fly away with all that I’ve put inside and never come back, because I’ve decided to move forward and change my life for the better.”

Imagine how this bubble flies away and slowly disappears in the distance until it disappears completely. Keep your eyes closed and repeat after me: “I’m here and now. I have the power to change my life and it starts with this moment. I am strong enough and always deserve the best.”