Reasons Why Cannabis Can Make Meditation Easier

Cannabis is a drug that has been used medicinally and recreationally for thousands of years. Similarly, meditation is an ancient art that has been practiced for several thousand years. Both meditation and Cannabis can be used together, to great effect.

Many meditation experts advise against the use of Cannabis in meditative practice. These people are traditionalists. You shouldn’t let their opinion influence your decision to use Cannabis in meditation, because most practitioners agree that it can be very useful.

This article will explain how Cannabis can  make meditation easier and more effective:


Cannabis can help you to relax. In order to enter into a meditative state, one must be in a total state of relaxation. If you are agitated or fidgety, then you will be unable to meditate. Cannabis can, therefore, be used as a shortcut to achieve the relaxed state necessary to enter into a proper meditative state. According to the Cannabis experts from, Indica can produce relaxing effects without sedating you. Indica is one of the three Cannabis strains. The other two are Sativa and hybrid. Indica is definitely the strain that you should go for if you intend on meditating while high.


Cannabis can help you to achieve a spiritual connection, something that is very important in some forms of meditation. Cannabis has been used to heighten spirituality for thousands of years. If you intend on using Cannabis for this reason, then many would suggest finding Cannabis that is totally organic and consuming it in a way that does not pollute the body. Making edibles out of your Cannabis is a very effective way of doing this, though bear in mind that edibles can produce a high more akin to magic mushrooms than smoking Cannabis if taken in too large a quantity.


Cannabis can help you to forget about the world. The world’s a pretty tough place, especially now considering the ongoing pandemic and tensions building in Eastern Europe. Cannabis can help you to forget about the world, or at least your problems. Many gurus and experts say that meditation is not about forgetting, but instead focusing. Others would disagree. Whether you want to forget or not, just bear in mind that Cannabis can at the very least help you to shift your focus and stop worrying about everything that’s going on in the world and your life.


While on the subject of focus, it’s important to make clear that Cannabis can help you to achieve total concentration and focus in your meditative practice. Concentration is a very important component of many forms of meditation, including mindfulness which is popular in Zen Buddhism. Cannabis can heighten your senses, which allows you to pay attention to everything that’s going on around you, and inside of you. It can also help you to focus on a single object or thought, which is crucial if you are practicing mantra meditation. One’s mind tends not to drift on Cannabis when one is truly focusing.


Awareness is a fundamental part of mindfulness and many other forms of meditation. A total, complete awareness of one’s own body and surroundings can help one to achieve heightened meditative states. Meditation is all about achieving harmony with the world and one’s own body and mind. Because Cannabis heightens your senses, it makes it easier for you to achieve total awareness. This, for many people, is the most challenging part of meditating sober. Cannabis makes it a lot easier to meditate, giving you an opportunity to take a shortcut and forego the years of training that it takes to achieve awareness naturally.


Cannabis has a very fast onset when smoked. When it is consumed in edible form, onset can take several hours. When you smoke it though, you can feel its effects almost immediately. This means that you don’t have to sit around practicing, trying to relax, and trying to concentrate – you can get started immediately. Yes, Cannabis’s fast onset means that you can sit down and meditate as soon as you are ready to. You don’t have to worry about struggling with your own mind, you can get started right away.

If you are going to take Cannabis in edible form, then make sure that you are aware that it can take several hours to come up. Do not redo until several hours have passed, otherwise, you could end up consuming far too much and overdosing, which can result in a bad trip.

Cannabis is one of the world’s most popular recreational drugs. You might have never considered taking it to meditate before, but hopefully, now you see why it might actually be a really good idea. Cannabis can help you to achieve a heightened meditative state, something that would otherwise take years of practice.