Sagittarius and Cancer: Compatibility in Love, Friendship & Bedroom

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, while Cancer is a Water sign. Like fire and water, the Sagittarius and Cancer don’t always mix well. However, if both partners are willing to put in the effort, the relationship has the potential to be stronger than any other.

sagittarius and cancer compatibility

Sagittarius and Cancer: As Friends

A friendship between the Sagittarius and Cancer can be a strong lifelong bond if given the time to develop. While the Sagittarius may not be willing to provide the devotion to the friendship that the Cancer wants right away, they will come to appreciate that stability and commit themselves to the friendship over time.

While these two friends might never fully understand one another’s decision in life, they are fascinated by one another. The Sagittarius and the Cancer stand to gain a lot from the experiences of each other. While they may argue, these arguments are quickly settled because of their deep and powerful friendship.

When it comes to a trip together, there can be problems here too, if this is not prevented by an agreement and a plan. Sagittarius is rather energetic and fiery in nature, so various adrenaline activities are ideal for them. Cancer prefers slower or not too risky activities, preferably staying close to the water, a slow walk in the woods, or hiking.

Sagittarius and Cancer: In Business

In the business world, the Cancer and Sagittarius struggle to understand where one another is coming from in their business approaches. Cancer is an emotional and traditional worker, while Cancer is restless and experimental. These differences often lead to the two of them butting heads in initiating and working through a project.

However, when they are able to work together, their approaches complement one another and lead to success. When the pair are able to focus on the value of the differences, they bring one another, they can resolve conflicts quickly and effectively. Cancer can be a great motivator and Sagittarius a doer.

Sagittarius and Cancer: In Love

When it comes to love, Cancer is the all-nurturing mother who wants to create a safe world where they can live in romantic bliss. On the other side, Sagittarius is an explorer who is always looking for another adventure. The Cancer can often construe this exploring nature as their Sagittarius partner running away from the relationship.

In order to make this relationship work, the Cancer needs to create a safe space for the Sagittarius to return to while accepting their need to be out and exploring the world. In return, the Sagittarius needs to ensure that they are devoting enough time and energy to the relationship to make the Cancer feel loved and wanted.

Sagittarius and Cancer: In the Bedroom

Before even getting into the bedroom, Cancer needs to receive emotional fulfillment. In comparison, the Sagittarius is able to disconnect from emotion and see a sexual encounter as entirely physical, which is unsettling for the Cancer.

If Sagittarius is able to tune into the emotions of the Cancer, then the Cancer will have no issue taking things further in the bedroom. However, it is essential for Cancer to remember that Sagittarius tends to make light of things and try not to take it personally if they aren’t perfect.

Sagittarius should listen more to their Cancerian partner and ask them what they want to try or what their desire is to try. Cancers are a very dreamy sign and often dream of something that will never come true because they either don’t want to talk about it or are ashamed of it. Both of them must learn open and honest communication in order to enjoy their love life to the fullest.

So..are Cancer and Sagittarius compatible?

It’s glaringly apparent that Cancer and Sagittarius won’t have it easy if they attempt to make a relationship work. However, the challenges won’t be impossible to overcome as long as both partners are willing to be flexible and make allowances for their differences.