Superfoods You Can Find At Any Grocery Store

Do you have to go to the health food store to buy superfoods? A myth has been built up around what we like to call superfoods. Most of us believe that superfoods have to come from distant corners of the earth and can’t be bought in a supermarket. As a matter of fact, most superfoods are easy to find in supermarkets or even smaller stores.

What Is A Superfood?

A superfood is something that is packed with high-value nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That does not mean you have to buy expensive foods imported from across the globe. Often, foods that have been imported have travelled long distances and may even have lost some of their nutritional value.

Local superfoods are often as good for you as more exotic ones. Also, they cost less.

Superfoods In Your Local Supermarket

Over the last few years, Chia seeds have been in “vogue.” That is great, but did you know that the humble flax seed packs much more of a punch? Flax seeds are packed with many nutrients that we will not find in other seeds, such as essential oils.

Flax seeds are also more versatile than Chia seeds. Did you know that you can soak flax seeds? When you soak flax seeds in water overnight, they will produce a gel that is good for your stomach and helps to reduce constipation and feed the probiotics in your gut at the same time.

Compare the costs, and you will find that flax seeds cost a lot less.

What Color Apple Should I Choose?

Apples are a great superfood. The average apple contains more vitamin-C than an orange. The different colors of apples indicate they contain a rich range of antioxidants. Every antioxidant has its own unique color. It is a good idea to buy different colored apples instead of buying the same color.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apples are also packed with fiber and full of water. An excellent fruit to eat when you feel tired or fatigued. Why not make your own sugar-free apple butter? All you need is water, apples, and cinnamon.

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Oats And Potassium

Oatmeal is less popular than it used to be. For some reason, we are eating other grains that may be less good for us. Some grains, such as quinoa, have traveled so far that they have lost their nutritional value. On top of that, many exotic grains are affected by mold. That is why you are often advised to rinse them well before you go ahead and use them.

Oats are packed with potassium which is a very important energy source for the body. Potassium will produce extra energy and help to protect the cell from attack by oxidants. If you suffer from inflammatory disease, you will soon notice the difference when you start eating oats.

What About Berries?

Berries are very good for you, but you don’t have to buy expensive goji berries. Raspberries and black berries are richer in nutrition and have a higher antioxidant content. They can be purchased from frozen, dried, or fresh. As long as the berries have been frozen quickly, they are just as good for you as fresh ones.

Dried fruit does not really come under berries, but you will often find them next to dried berries. Is dried fruit good for you? It is excellent for you and will release energy into your bloodstream quickly. Next time you go to the gym, try eating a couple of dates or prunes before you go. You will notice that you have much more energy to exercise and will not experience stomach cramps. Prunes and dates are a rich source of magnesium which is an important micro-mineral.

The other good thing bout dried fruit is that you can keep it in your bag. Instead of eating a chocolate bar, you open your bag up and enjoy a couple of dates instead. Why not mix them up with nuts such as walnuts and cashews? Nuts are superfoods that we often forget about when we go shopping.

Bottom line

Of course, you can find other superfoods at your grocery store. Avocados are good for you, and berries, including blueberries and raspberries, are full of iron and antioxidants. Think color when you shop and try to add as many different colors to your daily diet as possible. It is said that we eat our eyes first, and there will probably be some truth to that!