The compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces

Intense, passionate, mysterious and sensual – Scorpio, when you fall in love, it’s nothing short of explosive! (But being a Scorpio, you already knew that.) If you’ve met a Pisces and you’re wondering how compatible you are with them, keep reading. You’re about to get your answer!

About Pisces

Pisces (the “fish”), born between February 19th and March 20th, is one of the most emotional, understanding, and creative of all the star signs. Pisces people are like chameleons – they easily adapt to their surroundings and rarely have any trouble relating to all different types of people in their company.

Artistic, musical, and very friendly, they like to go with the flow and are also very loyal and compassionate. Need a helping hand? Pisces will always have your back. They are people’s people and make amazing friends.

But as lovely as they sound, a Pisces is not perfect – their weaknesses include being overly trusting and therefore easily taken advantage of. They also have a strong desire to escape reality rather than deal with it head on, and experience spells of melancholy and self-imposed martyrdom which leads to them feeling like they’re the victim.

Scorpio and Pisces love match

Good news! Scorpio and Pisces, you are a match made in heaven (or shall we say the heavens). Not only do you feel an immediate sexual attraction between one another and are drawn together like magnets, but you can effortlessly relate to one another because you are both water signs.

You understand each other on an intimate level, as the two most emotional star signs in the entire Zodiac. You both know what it is like to be overwhelmed by your feelings, and share a deep intuition.

There’s even more good news for you, Scorpio – Pisces partners will go to the ends of the earth for the people they love in order to make them happy. Pisces is one of the most romantic star signs, and Scorpio is one of the most passionate. You can see how it adds up – romance plus passion equals an unbeatable partnership. Want to know more about what’s in store for your star sign? Get your daily horoscope today.

Pros of a Scorpio and Pisces relationship

The level of sexual chemistry is off the charts between these two star signs – in fact it is probably one of the most volatile (in a good way) of any pairing in the Zodiac.

The patient Pisces willingly accepts the Scorpio’s complicated and intense but secretive nature, which might frustrate many other star signs. In fact, the gentle, personable Pisces even has the unique ability to break down the “walls” that the Scorpio puts up around him or herself, allowing them exclusive access to the incredible depths of their Scorpio partner’s emotions.

In spite of Scorpio’s intensity and Pisces’ sensitivity, this zodiac pairing rarely fights (as long as the Scorpio is tender with their Pisces’ feelings).

Cons of a Scorpio and Pisces relationship

Although the Pisces man or woman can generally handle the Scorpio’s overbearing, domineering, even jealous nature, it can occasionally cause friction, even in the most harmonious relationships. As such, the Scorpio might have to practice “letting go” and relinquish their natural tendency to want to control everything at times to smooth things over.

On the flipside, the Scorpio might find their Pisces partner’s overly innocent and unsuspecting behavior irritating, since Scorpios place a great amount of value on practicality and don’t find naivety particularly endearing.

Pisces partners are also incredibly sensitive, and are easily hurt. The Scorpio must take care not to “sting” the Pisces too often, or healthy conversations between the pairing will be nearly impossible.

Because both water signs are prone to being overly emotional and driven by their overwhelming feelings, it might be difficult for a Scorpio and Pisces couple to be objective when dealing with life’s ups and downs, which might drive them to the depths of despair. However, their fierce loyalty to one another will get them through it and they will be fine as long as they have each other.


Scorpio, you and Pisces are among the most perfect pairings in the Zodiac. When you’re in a relationship with one another, expect to be blissfully and passionately in love. Although the pairing of two intensely emotional signs might have its ups and downs, the magnetism between a Scorpio and a Pisces is powerful and enduring.