The Sagittarius Woman – Characteristics, Compatibility, Sexual Traits

sagittarius womanGoverned by Jupiter’s potent energies, the Sagittarius Woman loves to explore the depths of the world through endless voyages, in a soul-searching adventure of self-liberation and passionate non-attachment. Childlike at heart, this Jupiter Princess uses her intellect to decipher the mysteries of the world and commits only to those who fulfill her unspoken needs.

The Sagittarius Woman loves to grow her belief-system, always mindful of her personal freedom and career goals. Encouraging and positive, she has the power to inspire and give support to the people around her.

Wise beyond her years, the Jupiter Empress operates with clarity and humanitarianism, innocent bluntness and optimism, straightforwardness and selflessness. Progressive and driven, the Sagittarius Woman likes to plan things and carefully build her future. However, falling so much in love with what is to come, may keep her away from fully being into the present moment.

Tolerance is required when spending time with a Jupiter’s Star Child. Irritable when bored and searching for constant mental stimulation, the Sagittarius Woman may suddenly transform into a fire-spitting dragon whose personal distress can no longer be ignored. However, these highborn and sound-minded women don’t allow petty drama to hold them back. They quickly return to their shiny disposition as soon as they naturally recalibrate.

Well-adjusted and fortunate, vibrant and curious, the Sagittarius Woman can accomplish anything she envisions, no matter the external pressure.

Her emotional detachment works in her favor as stressful situations may arise. The self-reliant Sagittarius Woman leaves the past in the past, and single-handedly forges the future. She has a vastness that cannot be contained, only admired. Sometimes daring and thoughtless, Jupiter’s Child allows the Universe to work for her, as she bravely answers her true calling.

Sagittarius woman sexual traits

The Sagittarius woman is constantly looking for change and adventure. She is active and does not like boredom. She loves playing and flirting, and can enchant with her smile and sparks in her eyes. She is an incredible seductress!

When in a relationship, she is very unstable and freedom is her priority. She needs a partner who will be extremely respectful and will give her a lot of freedom.

Sagittarius woman treats sex more like a competition, she’s dominant and knows no boundaries in bed. The foreplay is not her cup of coffee, she rather goes straight to the point, longing mainly for sexual satisfaction. Her erotogenic zone? Inner thighs!

Have you ever heard that opposites attract? The Sagittarius-Gemini zodiac combination is a good example! Sagittarius is highly attracted to the open-minded, witty and inspiring Gemini whereas Gemini will enjoy the Sagittarian purposefulness, liveliness and similar interests.

There is a very strong sexual bond between these two signs; they are tireless, playful and open to experimenting. Airy Gemini could excite fiery Sagittarius with passionate words and a witty tongue, thus flirting and sex talk at dinner by candlelight. As soon as the air blows into the fire, the perfect adventure begins!

The two are such experimenters with an adventurous spirit, always surrounded by lots of friends. Travel, the passion of these two signs, can be a great escape from their everyday social life, as it is one of the few ways in which these two social butterflies may have a chance to spend more time alone with each other.

Bottom line, the two will never run out of ideas and thoughts to talk about and their liveness and passion will keep boredom away from the relationship.

Sagittarius matches well with Aries ♈, Aquarius  and Leo , too.

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