The Wellness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

A lot of people use Instagram to look for decadent desserts and delightful looking ice-cream, but this is not always the best thing when you are trying to be healthy.

If you are looking to get serious about eating healthy foods then you should look at some wellness accounts on Instagram instead. There are a number of accounts that you should follow to help inspire some healthy living.

Sarah @thedelicious

The posts that Sarah makes are always going to be better than the self-deprecating comments you could be making. While your comments could be humorous they are not going to help you live well like the posts are.

Amy Tischler @amytisch

Amy Tischler is a food stylist and recipe developer from New York City that you need to follow if you want a glimpse of New York life. She will occasionally throw in some pictures that are a bit indulgent, but most are snaps of healthy bites.

Raw Vegan Blone @rawveganblone

As the name suggests this account is focused on vegan food. If you are looking for fruit, low-fat vegan food and vegetables then this is the best account to follow.

Anni Kravi @anniskk

Anni Kravi is the Helsinki-based editor of The Feed Feed and offers the most beautiful smoothie bowl pictures. Of course, you might be in two minds about whether or not you would eat something so pretty.

Leah Segedie @bookieboo

Leah Segedie is the creator of Mamavation which is a wellness network for women and the BookiBoo network. The passion behind these networks is awareness of and action against GM foods. Her account not only has amazing images, but you will also get information on fun Twitter parties. These Twitter parties are generally with partners such as Stonyfield Organic Yogurts and the Mushroom Council.

JS Health @ JS_Health

Most people will want to have the life of Jessica Sepel which is a health blogger, wellness coach and nutritionist. This Australian appears to have a lifestyle that is all-around healthy and her Instagram snapshots offer healthy recipes and wellness retreats. You will also find adverts for her cleanse program along with inspiring notes that will help you become healthier and have a better lifestyle.

If you wish to start an account like this, then do. Simply buy some Instagram followers, add some great photos and be consistent.

Breakfast Criminals @ Breakfast_Criminals

There is an overwhelming number of food bloggers out there, but one that you really need to look at is the Breakfast Criminals. This account is full of pictures of dairy, gluten and refined sugar-free breakfasts that will make you salivate and mourn the bowl of cornflakes waiting for you. The superfood meals on the account include smoothies, chia pudding and raw protein truffles.

Juice Press @ Juice_Press

Many people have a deep love for Juice Press and this can easily be seen by the number of people following the company’s ever move on social media. This ever-growing brand really knows what they are doing on Instagram and will regularly publish images that remind you how good their products are.

To add to the amazing images there is a weekly giveaway which aims at getting customers fit and eating the right foods. Every customer that publishes an image on Instagram of them on a Saturday run will be entitled to a free juice from any NYC location.