Top 4 Bible Apps for Your Family

Are you looking to bring your family closer to God? Are you hoping to explore your religion and share your faith with your children?

From praying to going to Church to volunteering, there are a lot of things you can do to bring your family closer to God. And thanks to technological advances, there are now more ways than ever to explore your faith with your family. 

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store have plenty of Bible apps you can download to learn about your faith. 

1. Bible 

One of the best Bible apps you can find has a pretty straightforward name- Bible. This app is free to download on both the Android and iPhone app stores. 

The Bible app offers over 1400 Bible versions and is available in over 1000 languages. You can even customize your app with highlights, bookmarks, and notes. The app offers an offline version so you can access the Bible from anywhere at any time.

If you’re trying to make prayer more of a daily habit, you can use the app’s prayer cards to keep track of your prayers. You can also make your prayers private or share them with friends. 


Another great app to check out is This app is available in over 800 languages, and you can use it on both iPhone and Android devices. is available in over 800 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Vietnamese, and Farsi. The app also comes with over 60 video segments from The Jesus Film Project that narrates the words of God. also comes with social sharing options so you can share your faith on Facebook, Twitter, and via SMS. If you have a particular passage or verse you want to look up but don’t remember what book it’s located in, this app can help you out with that. The app comes with a search function that allows you to look up specific verses, book names, and general keywords. 

3. Blue Letter Bible 

Blue Letter Bible is the perfect app to check out if you’re looking to dig deep into God’s word. The app comes with over 30 Bible versions, text and audio commentaries, audio Bibles, advanced word searches, dictionaries, and more. 

The daily prayer app also allows you to share verse passages to Twitter, iMessage, and email. You can also use customizable colors to highlight and underline your favorite Bible verses. 

Blue Letter Bible is available in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Hebrew, and Greek. 

4. ESV Bible 

ES Bible is the perfect app for those who are looking for more than just sermons and stories. The app is indexed with over 100o sermons, 2300 photos, 450 virtual tours, 7500 articles, and 650 works of art. 

The app even has a 3.5-hour documentary available that details the life of Jesus Christ

Are You Ready to Download These Bible Apps? 

Now that you’ve read this guide, it’s time for you to start downloading these Bible apps! As you can see, there are many wonderful Bible apps to choose from. 

With these apps by your side, you’ll be able to study the word of God from anywhere. For more great app recommendations, check back in with our blog!